Windows 10 KB4540673 Update Is Causing “Blue Screen Of Death”

Microsoft engineers are known for their botched patches and fixes. And, they have done it yet again with the Windows 10 update that is causing some computers to crash down while others are experiencing the “Blue Screen Of Death” (BSOD).

This latest Windows 10 update known as KB4540673 was released on March 10, as part of Microsoft’s “Tuesday of fixes”. It appears to have created problems for those who have downloaded and installed it on their systems. This update was supposed to be a minor update and bring several security fixes as well as other small features. 

According to Windows Latest, the most recent cumulative update was for the two most recent major versions of Windows 10 – 1909 and 1903. 

“After installing it I started having BSOD every time I started my PC. Only solution I had was rolling back to a previous restore points of some days ago,” one Microsoft user opined.

“This March update installed automatically on my devices and it leads to BSOD errors on my gaming PC and my work laptop,” wrote another user.

Some users complained about how the new software takes an unreasonably long time to download and install and how much space it took up on their hard drive.  

“If it’s bug fixes or security updates; it shouldn’t be so big and full of this broken bullshit,” wrote one user on Reddit while complaining about the size of the update. “And again, who the f*** needs these new features other than the eggheads who think they’re cool?”

While one user reported his PC crashing while playing CS:GO, others reported about installation issues.

“It doesn’t install here. It restarts and says that the update wasn’t installed,” said one user. 

“I have the same issue. Only mine doesn’t go far as 1% and it won’t allow the other updates to download so I really don’t know what to do. Like I’ve had my PC opened all day and is still 1% not gone up at all,” wrote another user. 

Another user also claimed that the update once again causes a temporary user profile bug by replacing the default Windows 10 user account with a new temporary one, and removing any desktop icons or customizations. 

Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge these new problems reported by users. Looks like the failure does not occur on all systems, and it is still unclear just how widespread this issue is.

If you have downloaded the Windows 10 KB4540673 update and are facing any issues, it is best to use the System Restore feature in Windows 10 to roll back to the previous update that was working smoothly on your PC. 

Alternatively, you can also uninstall the Windows 10 KB4540673 update by going to Settings app > Update & security > Windows Update > View update history > Uninstall updates (select KB4540673) to fix the problem. 

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