How To Create and Store Uncrackable Passwords with KeepSolid’s Passwarden

Today, passwords hold the key to the most sensitive and valuable parts of our lives. And yet, many of us fail to follow the best practices to ensure that our information won’t be compromised.

We know that in theory we should create a unique password for each new account, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to remember them all.

Are your passwords at least 15 characters long? Data suggests that most people use much shorter, easier to remember passwords. As for using a mix of characters and avoiding actual dictionary words – most people know that’s a safer option, but struggle to remember passwords made up of random characters.

In short, following best practices for keeping your passwords safe and secure can often seem difficult and inconvenient.

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But your information is worth protecting, and more than ever requires additional protection. Data breach statistics estimate that roughly 6.85 million accounts are hacked each day. Wouldn’t you like a way to remove the hassle of creating strong passwords without having to remember them?

The team at KeepSolid has created a solution for that. Passwarden is an intuitive and secure password manager that makes protecting your important data simple. What’s more, it offers unique features that mean that even if your password is somehow compromised, your data and personal information will still be protected.

What Information Can Passwarden Protect?

Passwarden secures your most valuable and sensitive information including:

1. Passwords

In today’s digital world, unlimited information is available online – including yours! The only thing that stands between your data and a hacker with malicious intent is your password. Passwords protect everything from your social media to your email. While your passwords are protecting you, you might forget that you need to take steps to protect them.

2. Personal Details

It’s becoming increasingly common to carry virtual identification on our mobile devices. However, this creates an additional threat to some of your most sensitive data. The kind of information that makes identity thieves drool… Your ID cards, driver’s license, passport, and SSN all contain incredibly personal details. Without proper security, that information is as easy to steal as looking at your phone.

3. Account Credentials and Software Licenses

As we begin to accumulate digital “property,” more and more value is contained in the account credentials and software licenses that we own. Those virtual items can’t be locked in a safe, and if the account information becomes lost, they may not be able to be retrieved. Finding a solution that offers both security and storage for your digital possessions is essential.

4. Payment Information

We buy online. We bank online. We even send and receive money from friends and family completely virtually. It has never been easier to manage our lives and money from our phones or laptops. But this convenience does come with added risks, and credit and debit card fraud affects more and more people each day. Guarding your money requires protection that won’t fail.

5. Private Notes

Private information may not always be in the form of a username and password, and for that information, there are private notes. Any written data that you need to keep secure and safe can be stored here.

How Does Passwarden Protect Your Data?

Unlike other password solutions, Passwarden provides a beginning-to-end protection strategy to ensure your information won’t be compromised.

Securing your information starts with the creation of your password. Passwarden simplifies this process by generating strong new passwords that are automatically stored. No more trying to remember which passwords you’ve already used or forgetting which password goes to which account! Plus, the Migration feature allows you to import passwords that you’ve previously saved in other password managers or from your browsers’ autofill. No need to transfer passwords one-by-one to get them all in the same place.

Next, all passwords and other data are securely encrypted. Passwarden uses AES-256 and ?? ?-384 military-grade encryption protocols to create uncrackable protection. Even if someone manages to intercept your data, it will be unreadable to them. Even KeepSolid employees cannot get access to your information as all data encryption happens on the client side. 

To increase your security, Passwarden offers two-factor authentication. You’ll receive a one-time password to your chosen email address, confirming that only you have access to your Passwarden data. Passwarden also uses Authenticator App OTP codes and FIDO2 hardware keys for added protection.

What if you need to share a password? Sending passwords by email or messenger puts your sensitive data at risk of exposure. Passwarden provides a safe, completely secure password sharing feature that prevents your passwords from being intercepted. It also lets you easily import passwords from web browsers and other password applications by following directions on the website. 

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One feature that sets Passwarden apart from other options is the specialized Duress Mode. Duress Mode allows you to create a special password in the event that you are ever pressured to open the app or share your password under duress. By using your special “under duress” password, only data that you’ve approved to be shown will be visible, and your sensitive information will stay hidden. Duress Mode is completely undetectable and keeps your private data protected. Given the uncertain nature of modern life, where it might be the case that criminals or even the authorities want to access your data, the Duress Mode is a real game-changer.

Finally, Passwarden integrates with KeepSolid’s VPN Unlimited for a total security solution to defend your devices with common credentials and easy installation. Staying secure just became much simpler.

Pricing for KeepSolid’s Passwarden

Passwarden offers three subscription options to fit every budget, including a deeply discounted lifetime subscription. Each subscription covers an unlimited number of devices on one account. The subscription options include:

  • 1-Month Subscription: $3.99
  • 1-Year Subscription: $39.99
  • Lifetime Subscription: $199.99

You can also purchase a MoonoDefence bundle subscription, which includes VPN Unlimited along with Passwarden. 

The cost of that would be $10.99 per month or $69.99 for a year. 


Passwarden by KeepSolid offers a good password manager and generator at a very competitive price with features that set it apart from the rest. With bulletproof encryption, secure data sharing, and an innovative Duress Mode Passwarden ensures that your most sensitive information will remain protected.

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