The 10 Best Face Swap Apps in 2024

Have you ever realized how you would look with another person’s face?

Face swap is now one of the biggest trends flooding all social media sites. Internet users worldwide are crazily addicted to seeing what their faces looked like when they were babies and what it would be when they are older.

Because the camera technologies in our phones have improved massively, there is hardly any part that they left aside. Now, because of the edgeless innovations of consumer apps, we can use face swap online.

These face swap apps are AI-generated, taking video and photo manipulation to the next level.

So let’s reveal some of the most incredible and most loved face swap apps for Android and iOS so that you can have a little bit more fun on the internet.

Best Face Swap Apps in 2024

1. Reface

Reface has become immensely popular in recent times. This fantastic app to change face allows you to interchange your face with celebrities.

Reface App for face swap

Reface has a good collection of some of the excellent clippings or portions of some iconic movies, and you can put your face on the actors there. It also has a massive collection of popular GIFs and memes in which you can face swap.

The best part of Reface is, it allows you to save the media in your phone’s storage. Don’t worry about opening the app whenever you share your face swap online videos.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

2. AgingBooth

Curious to see how you would look when you are older? Then AgingBooth is the best-suited face app free for you.

Face Swap App for Aging

It offers you various exciting features to have fun with. It is famous mainly for transforming your face to your much older version. But if you wonder that the old pictures will look highly fake or the app to change face itself will take much time to provide results, you will be wrong.

AgingBooth is a masterpiece when it comes to aging your photos. Additionally, it offers you great features such as before and after pictures on a video, a saving option in the phone’s storage, and auto-cropping through face detection technology.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

3. Cupace

Cupace is a fantastic editing app for your existing photos and videos. It smoothly cuts images and pastes in whichever picture you like. So you can add your face to any other picture, even on inanimate objects or animals.

Cupace - Best Faceswap app

This free face app offers an outstanding collection of memes, stickers, emojis, and texts. With its impressive magnifying glass feature, you can cut the face from a photo with utmost precision.

You can also add several faces in a single picture. So have fun with all the cutting and pasting adventures Cupace offers.


4. FaceApp

FaceApp was already widespread throughout its time. However, the moment it added the aging feature, its fan-following went just crazy! Besides, FaceApp is a face swap app that always tops the list as it offers some of the excellent elements in a single app that no other app does.

faceapp - face swap app

If you have a bad mood, this app can cheer you up. Just use a neutral photo of yourself, and see how magically you can transform it while giving different facial expressions to the photo. You give life to your picture by making it smile, laugh, adding unique hair colors, and whatnot.

However, the face app free version has limited features, there lie many beautiful features for the pro version only. But still, the free features are more than enough.

DownloadAndroid, iOS


Don’t confuse it with a typo. It is the name of a fantastic app to change face.

MRRMRR has a collection of various outstanding features. This face swap app also provides you with multiple options that offer four categories – masks, emojis, filters, and effects all in real-time.

Mrrmrr Face Swap App

It lets you become anyone, from Donald Trump to Kanye West. Plus, the face detection technology is so innovative in this face swap app that it tracks your facial details and expressions in real-time with several edits and face-swapping methods.

Another fantastic feature of MRRMRR is it lets you save and share your photos and videos effortlessly.

Download – iOS

6. Snapchat

When you hunt for the best face swap apps, nothing can ever replace Snapchat.

Snapchat Face Swap Filters

It is also among the original apps to develop this face swap feature. Because of the great system of the app, you can use the face swap filter while taking selfies in real-time. Just look for the icon to use that filter, which seems like a magnifying glass. It will place it next to your Snapchat profile picture at the top left corner of the screen.

Snapchat allows you to swap faces while taking a selfie with someone else. And the special privacy protection of this app can never be taken for granted.

DownloadOfficial Site

7. B612

B612 has immense popularity of being one of the most excellent editing apps for your pictures. But now, it has also made face swap online funnier and more accessible.

B612 Face App

From the Effects section, you will discover the face swap feature. And the results prove that B612 is one of the most incredible apps to change face. Whenever you are with your friends, just click a selfie and select the feature to see how effortlessly it does all the face swap things.

Another significant part of this face swap-free app is that it comes up with a beauty mode that allows you to sculpt your facial expressions and features flawlessly.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

8. FacePlay

If you are looking for the most realistic face swap app online, FacePlay will be the perfect choice for you.

best face swap app

Most of the apps feature face swap-free as a sense to induce fun. So one can tell the difference very quickly. On the other hand, FacePlay is fantastic when adjusting and interchanging your face with someone else’s with utmost perfection. Even the borders are wonderfully covered. So it can easily shock someone.

FacePlay allows a fantastic three-day trial policy, after which you will have to purchase the paid version.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

9. FaceMagic

Face swapping online in videos is quite difficult for a consumer app because of obvious reasons. So, if you are looking to give a funny twist to your videos using a face swap-free feature, then FaceMagic will be your best choice.

facemagic - face swap app

It works in a pretty fundamental way where you need to upload a selfie and use the feature on it.

But when it comes to face-swapping on videos, you will surely get a blast. It also showcases several face swap effects to choose from.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

10. Jiggy

Are you looking to laugh out loud seeing your face in funny stickers and GIFs? Then Jiggy will be your best choice out there.

Jiggy Face swap app

You will need to upload your selfie first to detect your face. After that, you can scroll through the varied range of GIFs and stickers to put your face in.

The library of Jiggy is quite huge, but it indeed could incorporate more. If you need a more extensive stock, you can get yourself a paid subscription. It will let you access its whole stock and remove the watermark from the final photos.

DownloadAndroid, iOS

Final Words

Face swap is amongst the trendiest features of photo editing and video-making apps. Many existing apps deliberately incorporate these trending features like face swap online to attract more users. And because of the immense technological improvements, all the face swap apps we have mentioned in our list are the finest apps that work both on iOS and Android platforms.

Perhaps the most crucial reason behind the popularity of face swap-free apps is that they leave very little to your imagination and show you exactly how you will look in your older years.

Furthermore, you can use face swap technology to interchange your face with any celebrity you like. So download one of the apps to change your face and have great fun laughing at yourself and sharing it with your friends online.

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