Samsung Confirms Breach with 200 GB Confidential Data Exposed

Hackers are having a field day with the tech giants. Last week it was Nvidia, and now Samsung has become the latest victim of a data breach.

The latest breach has resulted in the exposure of over 200 gigabytes of confidential data, which includes data of bio-metric unlock operations along with the source code for various technologies.

A hacking group, Lapsus$, has taken responsibility for the breach. They also were part of the Nvidia hack, which occurred last week.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant issued a media statement stating a “security breach” which exposed the internal company data with no risk to customer and employer data.

What’s at stake?

Lapsus$ posted details on their Telegram channel about the hack. It included the information about the breach and a torrent file for downloading the 190 GB file, containing source codes that expose the phone’s secure environment.

Samsung Data Hack
A screenshot posted on Lapsus$’s telegram channel

This could result in some comprise of the Samsung’s Trustzone environment, which the company uses on its phones for performing complex operations such as bio-metric unlock, and algorithms for boot-loader source code.

According to an independent analysis by Security Affairs, If Samsung’s signing key is leaked, there is a chance that the company cannot patch through updates to the devices without the risk of attack.

What is a Samsung Trustzone

Samsung has Knox, defense-grade security for its latest mobile devices. It leverages the processor architecture, ARM Trustzone, which creates a secure environment for confidential tasks. They include biometric unlock, updates, security key store, real-time security layer.

In easier, it is a secure zone for the device to perform tasks that are important to keep things n order without the risk of attack by malware hackers.

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