Microsoft Edge Finally Breaches The 11% Market Share

With Microsoft Edge continuing to grow in usage among PC owners, the web browser has finally managed to cross the 11% mark in market share for the first time since its introduction in 2015.

According to third-party market share data published by Statcounter for the month of November 2022, Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge market share increased by 0.31 points, reaching an 11.17%, which was at approximately 9.52% (+1.65 year-over-year increase) last year.

For those unaware, according to the October 2022 report by Statcounter, Microsoft Edge had a 10.85% share in the market.

Microsoft Edge continues to remain the second most popular desktop browser behind the dominant Google Chrome, which maintains its top-spot position with a massive 66.13% (-0.36) market share.

Further, Apple’s desktop browser Safari, which is only available on macOS, comes in third place with a 9.62% market share (+0.26), followed by Mozilla Firefox with 7.1% (+0.05) in fourth place and Opera in the fifth spot with 3.3% (-0.29).

Last but not least comes the former king of the desktop browser, Internet Explorer, which despite being recently killed by Microsoft continues to have an approximate 0.77% share in the market.

You can check out the latest report from Statcounter by visiting their official website for more information.

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