Microsoft Office 2021 Free Download ( Full Version )

Microsoft Office is the go-to choice for many individuals, businesses, homes, and educational institutes when it comes to selecting the best office suite. ms Office 2021 suite has gained popularity for its industry-standard office programs across different platforms.

It is not wrong to say that it has become synonymous with productivity software for offices.

With the launch of Microsoft Office 2021, creating documents has become incredibly easy with Microsoft Word, delivering exceptional results. Presentations can be crafted effortlessly with PowerPoint.

Meanwhile, managing several email accounts with Outlook helps keep your inbox organized and free from clutter. Microsoft Teams has streamlined remote collaboration for remote workers and businesses alike.

Every app in the Microsoft Office suite has unique capabilities that serve a specific segment of users. Therefore, the suite offers a comprehensive set of tools that cater to the varying needs of users, ranging from students, and individuals to large organizations.

You can easily download Office 2021 for your Windows PC and Laptops. The latest version of the suite features various enhancements that can improve your workflow, and improve productivity and collaboration with others.

Download Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021 is now part of Microsoft 365 (earlier with Microsoft Office). It was released in the autumn of 2018, just like its predecessor, along with Windows 11.

Free Download Microsoft Office 2021

You will first have to uninstall any of the earlier variants and then download Microsoft Office 2021 from the download link we have made available here. It is a 64-bit ISO file that can be mounted and then installed like a CD/DVD.

Download Microsoft Office 2021

Then you can install it like any other application and then activate Microsoft Office 2021 according to the on-screen instructions.

  • Office 2021 Home and Student
  • Office 2021 Personal
  • Office 2021 Home and Business
  • Office 2021 Professional
  • Office 2021 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2021 Free Download via Other Sources

If you want other direct download links to download Office 2021 then have a look at the ones we have provided below.

Microsoft Office 2021 x64 and x84 Combo

Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus

You can view the contents of the ISO file. If any problem occurs, then use 7zip to extra the ISO and then install Office 2021 using the given installer.

Office 2021 Download via the Microsoft Website (32/64-bit)

When you are running an older version of Office, then you can download Office 2021 using this involving the official website. This method works for users who have already redeemed their Office product key and the email is registered with it.

They can use this way to download Office 2021 and install it on their computer. Here is how registered users can download and install it right away.

Steps to download Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows 11/10 (NOT WORKING)

Edit – This method does not work now.

1. Head to Microsoft Office’s official site while being logged in. Sign in with an account that is associated with your Office 2021 purchase.

2. Click Install Office and then finish filling up the information in the download wizard to start downloading Office 2021.

Note – The 64-bit version of Office is downloaded by default but if you have a 32-bit OS, then it will download the x86 version after automatically detecting it from your browser.

Steps to download Office 2021 for Mac

The steps to download Office 2021 are the same. Head to the Office website, sign in, and click install office to download the image file. Then you can download it like a standard Mac app.

Purchase Microsoft Office 2021

When it comes to Microsoft Office 2021, opting for the original copy is always a wise choice.

Not only does it come with a genuine product key, but it also provides users with priority support, timely updates, and a reduced risk of viruses and malware that may be present in third-party downloads that claim to offer fully activated Office 2021.

Office 2021 free download

Purchase Microsoft Office 2021

In addition to the suite, Microsoft offers various benefits to users who purchase the original copy.

These benefits include 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user, access to the online Office365 free suite, and early access to newly added features in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and other applications.

Furthermore, Microsoft offers special pricing for different users. Students and educational institutions can take advantage of subsidized pricing, enabling them to purchase the suite at a reduced cost.

The genuine Office 2021 product key guarantees seamless updates and priority support from Microsoft, providing users with the peace of mind that they are receiving a top-quality product from a trusted source.

System Requirements For Office 2021

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, and MacOS Catalina or later (Office for Mac)
  • Processor: A processor with 1.6 GHz speed. A 2-core processor would be more than enough.
  • RAM: 2GB for x32-bit, and 4 GB for x64-bit.
  • DirectX: DirectX 9 or later
  • Disk Space: 4 GB (Windows), 10 GB (Mac)

How to Install Office 2021 via ISO on Windows 11/10

Now you have downloaded Office 2021 ISO, now it is time to install it in an easy way that takes a couple of minutes at most. Here is how you can do it.

1. Right-click on the ISO file and click Mount to load it as a virtual drive.

Download and Install Office 2021

2. Go to the mounted virtual drive and double-click Setup.exe to start the installation.

It can also be named Setup32.exe for a few 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2021.

Install Office 2021

3. Begin the prompt after getting a prompt from UAC Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Select Yes and the installation will begin.

Install Office 2021

4. The installation will take a couple of minutes to finish and then you can begin to use Office 2021 apps for your work and other projects.

Install Office 2021

List of all Office Suite Apps:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Office 2021 basically has three variants – Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional. Some new features have made that have made their way are as follows:

  • Real-time co-authoring is a powerful feature that lets you collaborate with others on the same document simultaneously, without the need to send multiple emails or notes. Work with others together on a document without needing to send extra notes or emails about the changes.
  • Now you can have consistent comments for the editors and co-authors of the document. Anchor a text and then add comments to it without ever leaving the editor.
  • If you are working with multiple co-authors on a document, then see who is currently viewing it. This helps in keeping tabs on different sections of the document and their progress.
  • Get more calculations done with the Dynamic arrays, which return an array of values for writing the formula in one block. Six new functions – FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, and RANDARRAY have made their way on Excel 2021.
  • Now apply reply and rewind actions to ink-drawn animations in PowerPoint to time them perfectly in your presentation. Whether you want the animations to run faster or slower, you can easily modify the speed to align with the experience
  • Re-arrange your slides for the screen reader to put more weight on your words and have more impact on your presentation. This is especially important for individuals with visual impairments who rely on assistive technologies to navigate through the content
  • Get outside help in creating the perfect PPT for your presentation. Create a link and share it over the web and the user can remotely edit the slide, and they can enhance the overall PowerPoint presentation.

Over to You

Download Office 2021 for free and get started with your important work right away. With Office’s improved introduced cloud support, you can easily access your files from anywhere, on different platforms, making it more convenient and accessible than ever before.

While Google Docs is a great option, the cloud support of Office provides a superior experience that takes care of all your accessibility needs, enabling you to work seamlessly and efficiently on any device, from any location.

Microsoft Office 2021 FAQs

How to Download & Activate Office 2021 for free?

There is no way you can download and activate office 2021 for free legally. However, you can use the trial version for free or use the discounted price if you use a student account.

Do I need the internet to run Office 2021?

An active Internet connection is needed to install and activate office 2021.

How do I install Office 2021 offline?

You can use the ms Office 2021 offline installer from Microsoft’s official site to install Office offline.

How do I download Microsoft Office 2021 ISO?

You can download the Office 2021 ISO from Microsoft’s official site and even from torrents, but that can be risky.

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