9anime.to is one of the world’s largest piracy sites that’s used by millions to stream Anime, Movies, and TV Series.

You will be surprised to know that 9anime.to has well over 110 million monthly visitors. After gaining popularity in 2016, 9anime.to has always been under the radar of rightsholders and government agencies.

Due to the countless legal problems and pressure from authorities 9anime.to has rebranded to Aniwave.to and the site’s operators stated that,

“Because of DMCA issues and multiple ISPs blocking our domain, we decided to rebrand 9anime as Aniwave. All of 9anime domains will be redirected to our new domain aniwave.to.”

As you might expect, all of the existing backup 9anime domains redirect visitors to Aniwave.to.

Changing the domain name is not something new. Several mainstream torrent sites have done this in the past to bypass ISP blockades and to counter Google’s DMCA-related downranking measures.

The 9anime.to website operators have also warned users that,

“There are many clone/fake 9anime sites, they’re mostly stealing your data and trying to steal 9anime’s users.”

So be careful and avoid visiting shady websites.


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