Uptobox Down, 5 Best Uptobox Alternatives

After months of efforts by ACE, the French file-sharing service Uptobox has shut down.

The police raided their data centers hosted in east Paris and have taken possession of the hardware.

This raid was aimed at shutting down Uptobox and Uptostream, in an entertainment industrial’s coalition effort to clamp down on privacy.

There have been active efforts since May of this year to block the movies sharing website.

It started with French authorities ordering several ISPs to block access to Uptobox and its mirrors.

Uptobox’s homepage says that they will be back but it is highly unlikely. So you should take a look at these Uptobox alternatives.

Some of these can be used as Kodi stream links as well.

Best Uptobox Alternatives

– Mega.nz
– TorrentGalaxy
– Rapidgator
– 4Shared
– Mediafire


Uptobox alternative

Originating from New Zealand, Mega is renowned for its encryption and security which ensures that only the user has access to their stored data.

This emphasis on privacy sets it apart from many competitors. For those who use the service without paying, Mega generously offers 20GB of free storage, though this can be increased with certain activities, like installing the app.

You can share files or folders with others using links, and there’s also an option to include a decryption key, either integrated with the link or separately.

This way only you and the receiver are aware of the content on the links.

And the reason why its is a good Uptobox alternative is because it has data-centers in multiple countries. If one of them goes down then the other one acts as a backup.


TorrentGalaxy is a Uptobox alternative

This Uptobox alternative is a little different. TorrentGalaxy is a torrent site that also gives you direct download links for movies, TV shows, etc.

The way you search on this platform is slightly unique. Most of us usually check a movie’s IMDb rating and reviews before settling in for a watch.

Here, you have the option to look up a movie torrent using its IMDb ID.

Beyond just downloading movies and TV shows, this platform offers direct streaming. Navigate to the ‘currently streaming’ section to discover popular and trending content.


best Uptobox alternatives

4Shared is another alternative to Uptobox. It has a 3 million plus strong video files library so you won’t run out of content.

A standout feature is its built-in music player, making it a favorite for hosting and sharing music.

Just like other Uptobox alternatives, you have to wait 20 seconds to download files.

While it offers both free and premium plans, the free version has some limitations like slower downloads.

Unique to 4Shared is its public search function, allowing users to find and access publicly shared files.

Although it provides standard security measures, users should exercise caution with sensitive data and ensure private files aren’t inadvertently made public.


Uptobox alternative

Mediafire does not need any introduction if you often download files online. It is a site like Uptobox

Over the years, it has been used for various purposes, including hosting and sharing movies and TV shows.

One of the primary uses of MediaFire is the ability to share files through direct links.

This makes it convenient for users to distribute links to movies or TV shows, which, when clicked, lead directly to the download page.

Free users might encounter advertisements when downloading files. This is typical for many free file hosting platforms, as ads support their free services.


Uptobox alternative

This one is amongst the most simple file-sharing sites. Rapidgator is incredibly easy to use, whether it is on a desktop or through mobile.

You use Google-powered search to scan the entire database of Rapidgator public files. This lets you get access to one of the biggest collection of content online.

Rapidgator is compatible with various download managers, so you can manage and optimize downloads efficiently.

But do remember that as a free user, it only lets you download 1 file every two hours.

There is a limit on the duration until which files of free users are on the servers. They get deleted after a certain period so keep an eye out for that.


What happened to Uptobox?

Uptobox has shut down after a long legal battle with the Alliance for Entertainment and Creativity, through French authorities.

Their data center has been raided and all the operations have been ceased.

Are there any Uptobox alternatives?

There are many Uptobox alternatives that you can use to download files. We have listed the one best ones above so you can check them out.

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