Apple Vision Pro Keep Crashing, How to Fix?

Apple Vision Pro is crashing for many users, and you are not alone.

From simple app crashes to the entire Vision Pro freezing to becoming unusable, with few being shown a prompt that you have 30 seconds before it goes dark, everything is happening.

Few are reporting issues with Safari, while others are seeing Vision Pro apps crash after a couple of minutes.

Don’t worry; we have found the best ways to fix the Apple Vision crashing problem.

All the solutions are sourced from real users on different forums online.

How do you fix the Apple Vision Pro crash problem?

1. Remove Battery and Reconnect

Apple vision Pro battery

If your Apple Vision Pro keeps crashing, then remove the battery pack. Keep it out for 60 seconds, and then reconnect it.

Then, long-press the top button to power on until the Apple logo appears.

Note – You may have to try the power on the button a couple of times.

2. Use Safari for Short Periods

We know that Safari is the only browser on Apple Vision Pro for now, but a lot of users are reporting it as the culprit for the crash. It is having a lot of bugs right now.

When you try to open multiple media-heavy pages like YouTube, Google Docs, online games, etc., it crashes for many users.

We suggest closing Safari when not in use. Don’t leave it open for long periods.

3. Reset Apple Vision Pro

Start fresh with your Apple Vision Pro like you just unboxed it. Your data will be lost so make a backup before proceeding.

Just head to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset Apple Vision Pro > Reset.

Here is a detailed support article on how you can reset Apple Vision Pro.

4. Update apps and plugins

Update all the apps frequently to remove any bugs or errors popping up on your day-to-day usage. Check daily for any available updates for plugins and apps.

5. Use a stable version of VisionOS

New features are exciting to try before anyone else, but that comes at the cost of bugs, and crashes. If you are using a beta version of VisionOS, consider reverting to the stable versions.

6. Contact Apple Forum and Support

When nothing else works, you must use the Apple Vision Pro forums to get your answers from the experts.

Then you can also contact Apple Customer Support to get the problem sorted.

7. Get Vision Pro Replaced

In most countries, you can get Vision Pro replaced by Apple within 14 business days. You can contact them at Returns and Refunds for online purchases. Or, you can visit the offline store and have them take a look at it.

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Fix Apple Vision Pro Crash Issue

So, this is how you can fix your Apple Vision Pro crash problem. As it is the first version of the product, expect a few hiccups and problems for a few updates before they smoothen things out.

We will keep adding newer ways to fix the Vision Pro crash error.

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