How To Fix Apple Vision Pro No Sound, Speaker Not Working?

Several Apple Vision Pro users are reporting issues with inbuilt speakers With cracking, robotic sound, and finally ending up with no sound from Speakers.

Users have also reported overheating of speaker and a popping sound coming.

This issue can show up after a few uses, after several days of use, or even in brand a new Apple Vision Pro as well.

Luckily, we have found several working tips online from the official Apple Forum, Reddit, and Genius Bar Apple support Store that can work for you and solve the audio issue with your Apple Vision Pro.

How To Fix Apple Vision Pro No Sound?

1. Clean the Speaker Strap

Remove the strap and clean the speakers. Dust or other particulars can block the Vision Pro’s speakers. This can help with the no sound issue.

2. Visit the Apple Genius Bar Support Centre

We recommend users visit the Apple care support center and check with them.

They will try several fixes, including a full firmware reset, and if nothing works, they will exchange your Apple Vision Pro with a brand new one or change the audio straps.

You may have to wait a few days if you opt for a change of audio straps if they are not available.

3. Update Software

Check if there is a software update available and update your VisionOS.

4. Check Audio Settings

Check if the audio is turned on.

Turn the Digital Crown.

Look at the Volume icon at the top of your view while turning the Digital Crown.

Next, Open the Control Center and drag the volume slider.

Alternatively, Use Siri. Say, “Siri, set the volume to 100%,”.

5. Try Restarting or Resetting the device.

You can try restarting the device a few times or resetting the device if nothing works for you.

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset Apple Vision Pro > Reset.

This will reset your Apple Vision Pro.


If nothing works for you, book an appointment with Genius Bar and take the box and everything with you. They will try realigning the speaker strap and changing it.

Or may offer a brand new Apple Vision Pro as a replacement.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
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