Ticketmaster Hacked: 560 Million Users Confidential Data Stolen & on Sale

Ticketmaster became a victim of a cybersecurity breach this week and the estimated loss is surmounting.

The infamous hacking group ShinyHunters gained access to confidential data of a whopping 560 million users.

They reported this incident on their hacking forum revealing details about the hack, and are trying to sell it for half a million dollars to interested buyers.

Stolen Data Details

ShinyHunters’ post on Breach Forums disclosed that they stole over 1.3 terabytes of valuable customer data, according to Hackread.

The hackers obtained all the crucial personal details which is useful for targeting a person. It includes:

  • Full names
  • Residential addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Event details
  • Order information

Apart from this data, payment information, which includes the last four digits of a card and its expiration date, was also stolen.

It is not hard to judge that all of this can be used to target Ticketmaster customers with phishing attempts.

They can also gain access to individual accounts and even attempt password resets because they know all the intricate details of every person.

This batch of stolen data is invaluable to interested parties who will happily shell out half a million.

Meanwhile, Ticketmaster hasn’t confirmed anything openly but it isn’t the first time the ticket sales behemoth was breached.

Ticketmaster Suffers Frequent Breaches

Last year, Ticketmaster suffered a bot attack while selling tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert.

One would assume that they must have strengthened their security but that doesn’t seem like it.

Meanwhile, ShinyHunters is on the prowl. Even after repeated attempts to shut down their forums, the site is live again, and selling loads of hacked data to the interested parties.

If you use Ticketmaster, it’s best to reset your password and remove all the unnecessary personal details that aren’t required to book tickets.

Also, keep an eye on the payments occurring on your card stored on Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster Confirms Data Breach

Ticketmaster Owner Live Nation has now confirmed the breach in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the situation.

Security researchers are reporting that the breach occurred because of the data being stolen from a third-party cloud database environment provider, “Snowflake,” who provided its services to Ticketmaster.

Snowflake has confirmed that its employee’s ServiceNow credentials were stolen.

Researchers also said that the breach in Snowflake also resulted in the breach of the data of Santander Bank customers in Chile, Spain, and Uruguay.

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