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Enough with the Bitcoin buzz. Read more about the technology that is decentralizing information with cryptogenic encryptions. Be the first to know about how blockchain is shaping different verticals across the world.

Vladimir Drogan

Vladimir Drogan shares insights on how to create a successful IT company.

Could you describe your occupation? I am a serial entrepreneur who currently co-owns three businesses, with a primary focus on a US based company www.roonyx.tech...
Opera Crypto Browser

Powerful Opera Crypto Browser released for iOS

Good news for all the crypto users out there. The popular browser app Opera has now launched its Opera Crypto Browser on iOS devices....
Illegal Crypto ATMs shutdown

UK’s Financial Watchdog Orders Shut Down Of Illegal Crypto ATMs

The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (UK) in an announcement posted on Friday has warned operators of all illegal crypto ATMs working...
LHR Remover tool

Nvidia’s GPU Mining Limiter Can Be Removed, claimed by a Developer

A mysterious developer "Sergey" has claimed to remove Nvidia's GPU mining limiter that capped the hash rate. Thus, it makes it virtually impossible for...
cryptocurrency trading

Russia’s Central Bank Proposes Ban On Use, Mining Of Cryptocurrencies  

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBRF) on Thursday proposed that cryptocurrency trading, mining, and its usage should be banned in the country,...

The Promise for Blockchain and AI symbiosis – Interview with Robert Vasiliev of GBC.AI

The debate about the prospects of building a unicorn on the edge of the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence is by no means new. Although...

Why Blockchain Matters in Digital Identity

Of the many use cases touted for blockchain technology, digital identity is perhaps one of the most intriguing. Data held on a blockchain is...
Enterprise Blockchain

Why Enterprise Blockchain Needs a Solution to the Finality Problem

If anyone is still wondering why the rate of enterprise blockchain adoption has continued to stall since around 2017, then recent events surrounding public...
pure proof of stake

What is Pure Proof of Stake?

The Proof of Stake consensus model first appeared in 2012, as an alternative to the energy-hungry inefficiency of Bitcoin’s Proof of Work. Since Proof...
blockchain platform for business

How to Choose a Blockchain Platform for Your Business

Blockchain has now been around for over 11 years, and its potential applications in enterprises are now becoming evident. From the supply chain to...