Snapchat Vulnerable: Exploit in Snapchat exposes user’s phone numbers to Hackers.

A new report released by Australian security experts, Gibson Security States that Snapchat’s Users are Vulnerable of getting Their Contact Number exposed to hackers. 

Snapchat a popular Photo Messaging application that allows users to share images, Video, texts, and Drawings with each other, Users can also set limit for how long the file will be available to recipients (in range of 0 to 10 second) after which the file automatically disappears. 

Gibson Security team claims they reported the exploit almost 4 Months ago to security ream at Snapchat, but never got any reply and finally decided to release full details of their finding.

“Of the vulnerabilities released, an exploit was found in the Snapchat “Find Friends” function, allowing someone to easily create a database of the usernames and phone numbers of users of the Snapchat application, in a small timeframe, using phone numbers automatically provided to the app.”

The Vulnerability has not been fixed yet, Gibson said if exploited, it can cause the Privacy of Users being at the risk of being public,

“This vulnerability could hypothetically be used to stalk members of society, such as public figures or the data could even be sold to various firms, with the intent of using it and other data to connect online profiles to people in real life.”

Snapchat have not yet confirmed any such Vulnerability in their application, we have already mailed the Snapchat team for a response, and will update you with one.

UPDATE : A 13GB Cache of SnapChat images has been leaked, read more about it here.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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