Sony hack attack pushes Sony and Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018

One of the big casualties of Sony hack attack, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 pushed to 2018

The Sony hack attack by the #GOP Guardians of Peace continues to haunt the company. It looks like one its biggest franchises, The Amazing Spider-man 3 will now be pushed to 2018 because of the hack attack.

Though the hacking has no direct bearing on the Spiderman franchise but in wake of the hack attack, Sony Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal had to tender her resignation and that has hit the making of The Amazing Spider-man 3 according to sources.

Marvel Comics who is the owner of Spiderman franchise had entered into an agreement with Sony which makes it imperative upon Sony to release a Spiderman movie every two years but with the hack attack this no longer looks possible. The Amazing Spider-man 2 aka Rise of Electro was released on 10th April, 2014 with Columbia Pictures as producers and Sony Pictures Releasing as distributors.

For the emails leaked by the Sony hackers, #GOP, it was clear that Sony was actually in talks with Marvel Studios to bring Spider Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to the leaks, Amy Pascal was dealing on behalf of Sony with the Marvel guys and they were zooming in on the plot. As per the leaks, Sony had many ideas about The Amazing Spider-Man universe that they had launched.

With Amy Pascal stepping down in wake of the Sony hack attack, the negotiations between Sony and Marvel have come to a standstill.  The leaks had indicated that Marvel would be taking care of the Amazing Spider-man 3story and characters, while Sony Pictures would be responsible for promoting the movie.

With Amy Pascal out of the picture, Sony Pictures chairman-CEO Michael Lynton will now head the negotiations with Marvel projects which include The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six. The Hollywood grapevine tells us that Sony and Marvel are making some casting calls in Atlanta, Georgia, for a Spider Man related movie but it looks like Amazing Spider-man 3 is indeed nowhere on the production table as of now.

Sony is clearly having massive trouble getting Spider Man movies off of the ground, while Marvel Studios needs the Spiderman character to play a role in their upcoming movies. In the comic books, Spider Man is an integral member of the Avengers.

Therefore, sources say that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been pushed back to 2018, while a Sinister Six movie will be released in 2016.


  1. Please stick with tech news, the site is called TECHworm after all. This whole article is full of false statements and the author has no idea about what is actually happening with the character and the movies. Do a research before writing crappy articles. It was two weeks ago when the future of the Spider man movies was announced and this article shows no knowledge of what is going on.

  2. Yeah. This is such outdated news. It’s been known for a while that Marvel and Sony made a deal and that the new movie (which isn’t Amazing Spider-Man 3) is coming out in 2017, and any previous Sony plans have been canceled. We will see Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. It was announced soon after Pascal’s departure. I believe she’s even still involved in some capacity, so the deal was probably near completion before she left. Releasing an article, now, with such outdated information shows that this author has no idea what’s really going on. The news of the deal was announced in the middle of the night, but it blew up and was everywhere. It’s not like it was hard to find.

    As for the hack delaying the movie, I do think that had anything to do with it. There was talk about delaying the Amazing Spider-Man movie and releasing Sinister Six first before the hack. That was the known olans of Sony before the hack. After the hack, people thought that those plans might be up in the air, since we then knew that Marvel could possibly be involved. Right after Pascal departed (possibly even only a day or two after, in not sure of the exact timing), they announced the deal and Marvel’s plans. That means the deal had already been in the works and plans were being made before her departure.


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