OpISIS : Anonymous release 26,000 Twitter handles of ISIS and supporters

Anonymous release 26,000 ISIS supporter Twitter ids including those already banned

The online hacktivist group, Anonymous today released a list of 260000 pro ISIS Twitter ids to bring the gravity of ISIS problem to world notice.

The list was released under the operation #OpISIS campaign which was launched by Anonymous earlier this year after the gruesome killings at Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. The Anonymous have so far successfully brought down many websites stating affiliation to the ISIS or IS and released Twitter, email VPN account details belonging to them.

The current list which contains 26000 Twitter handles including 10408 active accounts has been posted here. Anonymous member xrsone made the data base public with following tweet :

Xrsone has also made a detailed post on Medium where he explains the Anonymous position vis-a-vis ISIS and their supporters. The post is given below :

Today I am releasing a list of 26,000 Twitter usernames belonging to ISIS militants and supporters. I would like to ask each one of you to stop what you’re doing and take a few minutes to actually view some of these accounts. Every word, every image and video is designed to inspire hate. Every gender, race, religion, creed, and sexual orientation is mocked and demoralized. Looking through these accounts you will see complete disregard for human life. There are no civil liberties or freedom, there is no justice. ISIS is waging a digital war, this war is not fought with bullets or won with air strikes. This war uses the corruption of ideals for ammunition and the fundamental rights every human being deserves to be afforded are its casualties. This list provides insight into what is essentially the largest social media marketing campaign ever launched. The target audience is individuals with an unstable ideology, the product is depravity. I simply do not care if the government would like these accounts for intelligence and I most certainly do not care about ISIS’s freedom of speech and expression.

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.?—?Abraham Lincoln

These accounts should be taken down and until they are I will continue to make the world aware that they exist.

Anonymous have already made public around 9200 Twitter handles on March 16th to pressurise Twitter to ban these accounts. It is not known whether this list contains those accounts but it is highly likely that the 26000 Twitter account is a consolidated list of ISIS and its backers.


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  1. i wish anonymous can find aperson who is funding isis and boko haram and shut down his accounts if that is possible.these groups have lots of blood in their hands.


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