Geek builds deadly weapon from household items which airport security allowed

This Scientist build a deadly weapon out of simple household stuff – video

Evan Greer, a very capable scientist, or should we say a programmer and researcher was able to build his very own personal lethal weapon, with all materials he found after he had made his way through the security screening.

Booth managed to piece together the explosive device in his home workshop, making sure not to violate any laws in the process, by using items like an Axe deodorant can, dental floss, lithium ion batteries and water.

“People who understand security understand that the current screening procedures exist primarily to put passengers at ease — ‘security theater,’ if you will.  They also know that, given enough time, a persistent attacker will succeed to some degree. I think people have kind of been suspecting that the type of things I’ve built are possible.”

He, essentially, built a weapon that was capable of blasting pocket change through sheet rock. When combining the lithium metal with water, it creates enough heat to explode the bottle of Axe, sending the pocket change flying.

It’s important to note that Booth has contacted the TSA and the FBI and the FBI made an unannounced visit to his house. According to Booth, their questions were centered around whether he had made the weapon at the airport, which he states that he did not.



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