and shutdown after media companies win court injunction

Studios Win Injunction to Shut Down 6 Torrent Websites Including and

We had reported last week about how was engaged in a battle with media companies over copyright infringement. It seems that the media companies have won this round against and

A United States court federal judge has granted studios’ request to shut down the operation of PubFilm and PidTV for trafficking in large-scale piracy of recent movie releases. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero granted studios a temporary restraining order on Feb. 7 and a preliminary injunction on Feb. 17 to halt the distribution of movies on the sites, and to suspend the domain names through which the sites operate.

The court order is effectively immediately and the media companies have already asked the Registrar to block and

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More Torrent websites to be blocked

Having tasted blood the media companies and its spearhead MPAA are sure to move to court to get more torrent websites blocked. In this particular case, MPAA had requeseted banning of six inter-connected torrent websites and movie streaming websites including and They asked the injunction against both the websites stating that the defendants “operate at the shadowy margins of the internet, easily to disappear or move their operations beyond this court’s jurisdiction, thereby rendering plaintiffs’ enforcement efforts futile.”

The media companies told the court that they were unsure about the location from which both and operated bet believed there were in Vietnam. The defendants in case, Pubfilm and Pidtv did not show up for court hearings.

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According to the studios, PubFilm’s sites were one of the most active pirate streaming sites in the country, with more than 8 million visits each month. About 40% of users were linked to U.S. IP addresses.

“The ring of large-scale piracy sites known as PubFilm/PidTV distributed vast numbers of stolen movies and television shows for streaming and downloading — all for the financial benefit of its operators, without paying a dime to those who worked so hard to make them,” said a spokesman for the MPAA. “By seeking legal orders to stop these illegal commercial enterprises, we are protecting the hard work of the millions of people who contribute to the American creative economy.” has already moved its domain to expecting a averse decision form the courts while the fate of PidTV is not known.


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