These are the top 10 highest-paying jobs at Google

Let’s have a look at the 10 best highest jobs at Google

The technology industry is widely considered one of the best-paying industry in the world, as there is an exceptional demand for people with technical skills.

Google, which is basically an engineering firm is are ready to pay the highest pay-packages to their engineers. But, it is not just the programmers who are highly paid at Google, as the search giant also pays top dollars for their deserving candidates, irrespective of the field, such as the marketing executives, finance executives and legal counselors.

Recently, Business Insider gave an insight of the highly paid packages that Google offers to their deserving candidates. BI used the annual salary data from Glassdoor, an online employment company, and entries that had at least five reviews in order to provide the best 10 highest-paying jobs at Google.

The list below shows the top 10 highest-earning that Google employees make at the company.

  1. Engineering Director

Salary: $283,591

The engineering director has the responsibility of supervising all aspects of engineering within a company. According to career building website Monster, this kind of job could require up to 10 years of experience.

  1. Group Product Manager

Salary: $253,905

Every Google project needs Product managers, as they are the connection point for interaction with sales, software engineers, marketing managers, and almost every other piece of a project. Some of Google’s best products could not take off as it didn’t have a good product manager.

  1. Director

Salary: $247,500

Irrespective of division, a Director at Google is expected to bring superior leadership skills to the company to lead and manage teams and keep everyone focused on a common goal.

  1. Senior Staff Software Engineer

Salary: $242,500

The highest paid employees at Google are its senior software engineers are they are expected to take the technical lead in whichever department they work in, whether be it YouTube, AdWords, or any other division of the company.

  1. Marketing Director

Salary: $234,741

The job of a marketing director is to spread the word about what Google has to offer, which TV commercials, blog entries, conference presentations, and much more.

  1. Senior Software Engineering Manager

Salary: $205,290

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Google is a highly-in-demand job, as the very experienced programming pro is in charge of leading teams of coders under them.

  1. Senior Product Manager

Salary: $201,600

Like the Group Product Manager, a senior product manager is also an equally important job at Google, as he or she brings the diversified engineering teams together to achieve a common goal that is important for the overall progress of Google.

  1. Staff Software Engineer

Salary: $200,923

Engineers at Google need to be excellent at solving complex problems. This is why the company was once known for challenging job candidates with puzzling brain teasers. However, Google seems to pay these employees well based on Glassdoor’s data. According to Glassdoor, Google’s salary for this position is 60% higher than the national average.

  1. Engineering Manager ll

Salary: $192,000

An engineering manager basically supervises teams of engineers who would be responsible for development, tests, creating new Google products, and improving existing ones.

  1. Product manager lll

Salary: $185,000

The job of a Product Manager is to supervise various projects dealing with company products and to keep everyone involved on the same page.


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