12 Best Plex Plugins You Should Install In 2024

Plex has incredible support for an extensive library of movies, music, and TV shows.

It allows you to stream content directly onto your TVs from your library located on a standalone server, a personal computer acting as a server.

The media player can do much more than streaming content for you. It has plugins that can enhance your viewing experience altogether.

However, Plex shut down plugin support in 2018. Now finding the latest Plex plugins that still work is a tough job to do.

Before moving forward, you can need to set up a Plex server using the official guide.

Best Plex Plugins you should install in 2024

Here are the best Plex plugin list that you should use

1 Webisodes

Let us start with Webisodes, a Plex plugin that lets you stream content from anywhere on the internet.

It can be from YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo, or even an RSS feed. You can even upload your own content to play on the Plex server.

webisodes plex plugin

To add a new show, you simply need to copy the URL of the TV show/movie and paste it into the search box located at the top of your screen.

However, you must be in the correct directory related to the type of show you want to include.

For instance, if you are adding a YouTube show, navigate to your YouTube directory that displays your currently installed YouTube shows.

Once you are there, you can paste the URL of the new show into the search box. Upon doing this, a pop-up message will confirm that the show has been successfully added.

2 Webtools

Update : Updated the link with the working WebTools since the older one is no longer being developed.

Webtools help you organize Plex media content and the server with ease. It is a collection of utility tools for controlling several aspects of Plex.

webtools for Plex

As a part of the tools pack, you get subtitles management, logging too, and other management modules amongst other tools.

You can manage your Plex server easily with the tools offered by Webtools. Moreover, you can host a few apps and channels as well with the plugin.

3 Tautulli

Monitoring your server is essential for the smooth running of all things in the play. Tautulli is one of the best Plex plugins for you, that runs alongside your server and monitors, tracks the server activity.

TAUTILII plugin for Plex

Users can also access statistics such as what has been watched, who watched it, when and where it has been watched.

Additionally, you can track/delete synced content on your server. Detailed media information for all videos, images can be viewed as well.

Moreover, users can set trigger/script notifications for events happening on your server. It would help manage traffic, load and more on the server.

4 SubZero

We often watch movies in foreign languages for which captions are a must. SubZero is one of the best Plex plugins for subtitles.

There is an-built subtitle manager in Plex, which certainly lacks new features and updates. They have been instances where it failed to display subtitles at all.

Subzero searches from 10 different leading subtitles sites(with their APIs) for providing the best matching subtitles for the TV shows, movies you are watching.

Additionally, it keeps on searching for subtitles in the background for the content on your server. You will have preloaded subtitles and wouldn’t have to wait for them to load.

Also Check OutBest Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies, TV Shows

5 Plex-Sync

Another useful Plex plugin is Plex-Sync, which is a must-have for Plex servers. It syncs content across different servers which means that it will synchronize the watch time, watch/seen status across different Plex servers for various TV shows, movies and other media.

Plex-sync relies on IDs of different media libraries to sync watch status across the Plex servers of your choice with the help of CLI(Command Line Interface).

However, if you want to avoid the hassle of manually syncing content on other Plex servers, you can use Cron.

6 Organizr

You may be running several Plex servers at once. It is not easy to manage and track them simultaneously. Organizr helps you to set up “tabs” with individual servers where they all can be managed separately without any hassle.

You can add multiple users for the management of the Plex servers from the settings. Themes can be applied to the interface if the default skin feels monotonous.

Additionally, you can access manage your server from mobile as well, from anywhere in the world.

7 Plex Export

Next on the list of the best plex plugins is Plex Export. It allows you to share the list of content on your server in the form an HTML page.

Plex Export plugin

The HTML page can be shared with anyone, without sharing access to your Plex server.

Furthermore, the media display page shows an overview of all the media in each of the library sections accompanied by thumbnails. Filter content by genres, actors, etc. and get details on an episode by clicking on the thumbnails.

Plex Export requires PHP to be installed on your server.

Moreover, you will need a token for your system if Plex is running on home mode. Learn more on the token from here.

8 Transmogrify

There are thousands of movies worth watching, but it isn’t easy to decide on your own. Take the help of Transmogrify to view RottenTomatoes and IMDb page, ratings, and reviews of the movie, TV shows, and documentary that is present on the server. 

Transmogrify Plex Plugin

You can also add trailers to the movies that you are about to watch, which are fetched from YouTube. Furthermore, letterboxd pages can be viewed as well for movies.

In any case when you are on the fence about which movie, show to watch, use the random movie/tv show picker and let the plugin choose for you.

Similar to Prime Videos and Netflix, there is an actor profile for the cast members of movies, shows as well in features. It can be enabled as per user liking.

There is a Chrome extension of Transmogrify for Plex to use on web client, server

9 RedditVideos

You know how you can’t get enough of Reddit, refreshing the page all day? then you are gonna love this Plex plugin.

Redditvideos plex plugin

It has every video from Reddit and don’t worry, it works effortlessly on your TV. You can browse all the videos on any of the Subreddits.

You can also browse hot and trending topics to watch the latest videos on Reddit. No need of a phone or a tablet.

10 FileBot

When you have loads of movies or TV shows on your PLex server, and it’s just a big mess?
FileBot is like your personal assistant for that stuff. It is a Plex plugin that helps you tidy up your digital media library.
Filebot plex plugin
It renames TV shows and movies, downloads subtitles gets artwork, and more, using the data from the web

FileBot relies on sources such as IMDb and TheTVDB.com to accurately recognize and tag your content.

11 Ombi

If you have many friends and family who use Plex server then Ombi will come in handy. It lets you share your TV shows, movies, and other content with others.
Other users can request content from you and then it can be shared instantly over the servers.
Ombi plex plugin

This Plex channel is also really useful for trading content on forums and Reddit. You can get all the content without exposing your entire library.

12 Kitana

Ever since Plex pulled the plug on the easy installation of plugins, it is been a mess. Don’t worry because Kitana can really help you by managing the plugins.

It first checks your credentials with Plex.TV, and then it gets in touch with your Plex Media Server – the one you’ve told it to connect with.

Kitana plex channel

What is even better about it is that it knows when it is connected to the Plex Media Server and can connect in different ways – locally, from far away, or even through a relay.

And it adapts well to different screen sizes, so you can manage your plugins right from your phone.

How to Sideload/Install Plex Plugins?

Plex shut down the plugin’s support last year but luckily you can still sideload them manually,

here’s how:

  1. First of all, download the plugin file/folder. If it is in compressed form like “.zip”, then extract it.
  2. Look for the “.bundle” file in the folder.
  3. Copy the .bundle file into the Plugins folder of the Plex media server.
    Remember that installing some plex plugins is a complex task with a different approach that may not work with a mere copy-paste of the files.

Over to You

Demand for Smart TVs has soared in the recent period. OTTs and the decreasing quality of Cable content are among the key reasons behind it.

Plex is a fantastic way to watch your favorite movies, TV shows without subscribing for expensive cable.

Further, use some of the best Plex plugins and addons to make it a more wholesome experience.

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