How Much Money Have I Spent on Valorant?

In the world of Battle Royale, Valorant has changed the online gaming landscape in the 5v5 competitive mode. The game-play is addictive to play and can run on older computers as well.

With sixteen different agents (along with the recently added Neon), the game offers a dynamic experience, with each one having an individual ultimate ability(ULT), along with three powers.

While Valorant is free to play game. You can always spend money on in-game purchases.

There are a total of 17 weapons to use in-game. It includes rifles, SMGs, machine guns, and knives. The default skins look pretty underwhelming and bland, to put it politely.

Thankfully we can use Valorant Points to buy in-game weapon skins to make them stand out. To buy skins, you will need to have Valorant Points(VP) which obviously you will have to buy.

For instance, you want to buy certain Vandal skin, which cost 1700 VP but are short by a smidgen. The fastest way is to spend real money and get those points to make the purchase.

Before you realize you end up spending a lot of money on the game. It is important to keep track of how much money is spent on Valorant and not go overboard with the splurge.

Find How Much Money Spent On Valorant / Valo

Like World of Warcraft, by the same publisher, Valorant players view their purchase history or money spent from the website itself.

It shows a detailed account of money spent in the past. This comes in handy for keeping a check money spent on Valorant items.

1. Log into your Riot account and head to theĀ purchase history page

An option to log in will also appear if you are not signed in.

Check How much spent on Valorant

2. Once logged in, you will see this page on the purchase history. Click on the Get My Purchase History button to see your transactions.

How much spent on Valorant

3. A detailed account of the money spent on the items and the date of purchase will appear. The money will be shown in your local currency here.

Valorant Purchase History

It is updated periodically to include your newer transactions, if any, which will help you keep a close watch on the Valorant purchase transactions.

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