One of the longest-running anime series, Naruto, is an era-defining manga adaptation series for many anime fans. Running from 2002 to 2007, the show focuses on the childhood and training days of Naruto Uzumaki, the young ninja from Konoha who seeks recognition from his peers and wants to become the Hokage.

While the show itself is widely popular, Naruto was animated at a time when production studios prioritized weekly episode releases. So, unlike modern shows like Demon Slayer and Bleach TYBW, which are released in seasons, Naruto has fillers episodes to fill time for major plot development.

If you plan on binge-watching the anime, these fillers can disrupt the viewing experience. To combat this, we created the ultimate Naruto filler list to help you skip filler episodes.

Naruto filler list- Episodes You Can Skip

The show runs for exactly 220 episodes. Adapted mainly from Masashi Kishimoto’s one-shot manga, Naruto has 22 story arcs. There are reportedly 90 filler episodes in the pre-time skip series, i.e., the story isn’t tied to the main plot.

While many of these episodes are very fun to watch, they do not contribute to the main storyline and can be easily skipped. We have included a verdict column to the Naruto filler list so that you do not miss out on the fun episodes.

Filler Episode Numbers Name of the filler arc Verdict: should you watch it?
26 Recap of the First 25 Episodes Skip
97 Attempting to Recover Tsunade’s Debt Skip
101 Trying to Discover Kakashi’s Face Watch
102-106 Land Of Tea Escort Mission Skip
136-141 Land Of Rice Fields Investigation Mission Watch
142-147 Mizuki Tracking Mission Skip
148-151 Bikochu Search Mission Watch
152-157 Kurosuki Family Removal Mission Watch
159, 160 Gosunkugi Capture Mission Skip
162-167 Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission Watch
169-173 Kaima Capture Mission Watch
174 Daimyo Heir Escort Mission Skip
175, 176 Buried Gold Excavation Mission Skip
177 Stopping The Courier Ninja Skip
178-183 Star Guard Mission Skip
184-186 Kiba, Naruto, and Shino One-Off Episodes Skip
187-191 Peddlers Escort Mission Watch
192 Ino’s Princess Disguise Mission Skip
193 Rock Lee’s Dojo Challenge Skip
194 Daimyo’s Wife Search Mission Skip
195, 196 Third Great Beast Arc Watch
197-201 Konoha Plans Recapture Mission Watch
202 Recap of Top Five Battles Skip
203-207 Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission Skip
208 Prized Artifact Escort Mission Skip
209-212 Gantetsu Escort Mission Watch
213-215 Menma Memory Search Mission Watch
216-220 Sunagakure Support Mission Watch


Naruto filler arcs: what happens in each arc?

In case you missed it, here is a detailed Naruto Filler List with brief insights into what happens in the filler arcs.

1. Land Of Tea Escort Mission (102-106)

While there are a few filler episodes here and there, The Land of the Tea Escort Mission is the first full-filler arc of the series. Interestingly, this is also the only mission Team 7 goes on before Sasuke’s eventual defection from Konoha village.

Nothing of note happens in this arc except Sasuke feeling a sense of inadequacy in front of Naruto. You can very well skip this arc if you only want to focus on the story. However, if you want to watch Team 7 go on one last mission, this is where you will find the feels.

2. Land Of Rice Fields Investigation Mission (136-141)

The Rice Fields investigation mission marks the end of the Sasuke retrieval arc as the Konoha five return to the village, having failed to bring Sasuke back. Notable events in this arc are actually tied to the canon story, making it difficult to skip.

Naruto is offered a chance to train with and learn jutsus from Jiraya Sensei, away from the village, and Sakura makes an important decision about her future as a ninja. The story concludes in episode 141, so you might want to watch this arc if you want to know the next events of the story.

3. Mizuki Tracking Mission (142-147)

Kicking off the “all filler” Season 4 of Naruto is the Mizuki Tracking mission. This season sets up why Jiraya Sensei goes on a reconnaissance mission before accepting Naruto as his pupil. During this time, Naruto goes on several filler missions, which make up S4.

In this arc, Naruto and Iruka sensei fight Mizuki, who first appeared in episode 1, and the Legendary Stupid Brothers, who have escaped prison. The appearances fall flat, and this arc is not enjoyable either, so feel free to skip it.

4. Bikochu Search Mission (148-151)

Shifting the focus to Team 8, the Bikochu Search Mission arc is a funny, gag-worthy arc that you should watch. The team wants to use Shino’s knowledge of bugs to track and bring back Sasuke. They embark on a journey to find the Bikochu beetle that can track anyone using their smell as long as it is the first thing they smell upon being born.

5. Kurosuki Family Removal Mission (152-157)

Naruto then joins Team Might Guy to find and defeat a terrorist gang that has been troubling a nearby village. Like most filler arcs, this one also starts as a plot to find Sasuke but ends up being a dead end.

However, many fans consider this one of the best filler arcs due to the excellent comic timing. It contains several gags and jokes on curry, even if the story goes nowhere. Watch this arc only for the comic relief, if nothing else.

6. Gosunkugi Capture Mission (159, 160)

At only two episodes, this filler arc is one of the shortest filler arcs in the series. Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba embark on the journey to search for a notorious thief named Gosunkugi after they hear he has made a stop in Konoha. They are joined by a bounty hunter, Sazanami, who is also looking for the thief. Again, nothing notable happens, and at only two episodes long, you can skip it if you want.

7. Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission (162-167)

Naruto then joins Tenten and Neji to visit the Land of Birds to find and exterminate a ghost warrior. While it brings some much-needed attention to Team Guy, the plot is very reminiscent of Scooby-Doo (and not in a good way). It is a very useless plot, so feel free to skip it entirely.

8. Kaima Capture Mission (169-173)

The Kaima Capture Mission is a direct result of the Konoha Crush Arc (episodes 68-80), where the third Hokage Hiruzen and Orochimaru fight to the death. Many lower-level shinobi go on missions that would otherwise be reserved for Chunins and higher. Naruto, Ino, and Shino team up with Anko to escort a delivery ship and stop a sea monster mystery.

It is an unlikely pairing and makes for a fun watch. The story is not furthered by any means but serves only as fodder for character development.

9. Daimyo Heir Escort Mission and Buried Gold Excavation Mission (174 – 176)

Naruto, Hinata, and Kiba are back together as they have the lowest success rate in their missions. The ninjas must prove their worth in this arc or risk being sent back to the Academy, which ultimately does not happen. The premise makes no sense, so feel free to skip it altogether.

10. Star Guard Mission (178-183)

Another attempt to tie filler episodes to the main plot, Team Guy and Naruto make their way to Hoshigakure to find a meteorite that emits huge amounts of chakra. Their search takes them nowhere, and the entire plot could be more enjoyable too. You can skip these episodes entirely.

11. Peddlers Escort Mission (187-191)

Naruto, CHoji, and Hinata travel as escorts for merchants to the Land of Vegetables. The entire arc features many unlikely pairings, which is refreshing to watch. The plot is not connected to canon at all, but you might want to watch it as it features many interesting dynamics.

12. Third Great Beast Arc (195, 196)

After a few one-off episodes, this is the next filler arc that is definitely worth a watch. This arc gives more insights into the history of Guy sensei and strengthens his bond with Rock Lee, who is put up against the imposter Yagura who is looking to exact revenge against Might Guy.

13. Konoha Plans Recapture Mission (197-201)

Another follow up to the Konoha Crush arc, this arc features Konoha’s attempt to rebuild following the attack of Orochimaru. A team of construction workers is brought into the village, including a reputed older man named Genno, who might be an imposter shinobi.

You can skip this arc as it does not feature anything noteworthy, but it does feature many underappreciated characters. Watch this arc if you are a hardcore fan of emotional storytelling.

14. Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission (203-207)

Yakumo Kurama is an old student of Kurenai sensei featuring a dangerous kekkei genkai. She is plotting revenge against the village as she thinks the fire that killed her parents was actually a plot by the third Hokage.

The arc features an exciting pairing of Guy, Kurenai, and Naruto as they try to stop Yakumo’s attacks and protect the village. It is definitely worth a watch as the story is fun, and Yakumo is presented as a credible threat to the shinobis.

15. Gantetsu Escort Mission (209-212)

Naruto and Sakura team up with Rock Lee to escort the criminal Gantetsu to the Land of Forests. This arc is reminiscent of Naruto’s recurring theme: nobody is beyond redemption. Todoroki, one of the head guards, Gantetsu, and Naruto are attacked by Shinobazu members, but they pair up to fight and destroy the terrorist gang.

It is revealed that Gantetsu was involved in the deaths of Todoroki’s family. In true Naruto fashion, Naruto convinces Todoroki to let go of his anger after Gantetsu shows a change of heart and promises to take care of orphans. The storyline is not exactly bad, but it is also not tied to the main story, so feel free to skip it if you want.

16. Menma Memory Search Mission (213-215)

While most Naruto filler episodes are funny, the Menma memory search arc is surprisingly emotional. Naruto teams up with Team Guy’s Neji and Tenten to help a young guy Menma, who has seemingly lost his memory and has no clue who or where he is.

It is later revealed that Mena lied about having amnesia so he could lead a peaceful life and get Konoha to help his village in the Land of Rice fields. The story is worth investing in, so do give it a watch.

17. Sunagakure Support Mission (216-220)

The last arc in the pre-time skip Naruto series is the Sunagakure support mission. Every member of Konoha 11 except Tenten travel to Sunagakure to help Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari fight the evil Seimei.

Given the first arc in Shippuden is again set in Sunagakure, it makes sense to watch this arc and explore the relationship between the two villages. Also, given episode 220 is actually the series’ final episode, it might be worth watching.

FAQs on Naruto filler list

What Naruto fillers can I skip?

The filler episodes do not progress the main storyline, so you can easily skip all of them if you want to know just the main story. However, some episodes set up the character motivations excellently and you should not miss them if you really like the anime series. You can use the Naruto filler list above to know which Naruto fillers you can skip.

Should I skip all fillers in Naruto?

No. While the filler episodes are not canon, some of the filler arcs feature excellent storylines and fight scenes that you should not miss. Use the Naruto filler guide above to know which fillers you can skip.

How much of Naruto is filler?

The original Naruto series ran for a total of 220 episodes, out of which, 91 are canon. While there are a few filler episodes sprinkled here and there in the first half, filler episodes start around episode 100 and continue to stack. You can use the filler list above to skip the fillers if you want.

Which season of Naruto is all filler?

Season 4 of Naruto (episodes 142 to 183) is completely filler. You can skip the episodes here and there, but some of these storylines are important to the sequel Naruto Shippuden. You can come back to watch these fillers after the main story if you want.


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