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Reverse Video Search

How to Reverse Video Search: Find Original Video on Google

From creating memes to sharing an interesting video online, there can be many reasons why you may need to search for the full clip...
best free IPTV apps - Android and iOS

10 Best Free IPTV Apps: Stream Live TV on Android & iOS in 2022

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV transmits and broadcasts TV signals and programs over the internet. It does not require the support for traditional equipment like...

Twitch Hack: Source code, creator payouts, future product plans leaked

In a statement posted on Twitter, Amazon-owned Twitch, the giant online streaming platform confirmed the reports of yet another data breach – arguably one...

10 Best IPTV Players for Windows PC in 2022

Internet and smart devices have rapidly displaced traditional television for media consumption. Nowadays, watching television shows on broadcast channels does not hold the same appeal...
apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 Launches With Larger Screen At $399 Price Tag

Apple has launched a completely revamped Apple Watch Series 7 alongside the new iPhones and iPads on the September 14th Event. It is the first...
kekw in twitch chat

What Does KEKW Mean in Twitch Chat: Its Origin

If you have stumbled upon any gaming Livestream or Twitch chats, chances are that you have come across the KEKW emote or KEKW in...

Netflix Movie Screeners Leak on Pirate Sites Before Their Official Premiere

Two highly anticipated Netflix titles were leaked over the last few hours ahead of their official release dates. While such leaks are quite common throughout...
Is Wish Legit

Is Wish Legit and Safe to Buy From? Why Is It So Cheap?

Log into the Wish app and you are greeted by an assortment of products – from cooking utensils to AirPod knockoffs. You may stumble upon...

What does Omegalul mean in Twitch? How did it came into existence?

Since their inception, emotes have become an integral part of the Twitch community and the streaming culture in general. They are a way to express...
Avast Service High CPU usage

5 Ways to fix Avast Service High CPU usage In 2022

Microsoft takes security very seriously in an ever-online world and has integrated several important tools within Windows 10 to keep users safe. Since these tools...