Demonoid Alternatives | 10 Best Torrent sites | Download free Movies- 2018

Demonoid Alternatives | 5 Best Torrent sites | Download free Movies- 2018

Demonoid is a popular BitTorrent tracker and a website that includes file-sharing related discussion forums. Due to some technical problems this popular torrent forum has been down for many weeks now. Well, if you were a Demonoid user, then these ten best Demonoid alternatives might impress you.

Please Note: In some territories, such as UK and Australia, its necessary to use a VPN for torrenting. You can check out our list of 5 Best VPNs for torrenting in 2018. Simply choose a VPN service that suits you. Then you can use torrent websites without any interruptions.

This list of Demonoid alternatives has been prepared for sharing information and educational purpose. Hence, Techworm doesn’t condone downloading copyright-protected content.

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10 Best Alternatives Of Demonoid- Top Torrent sites


RARBG is a well-received website and a perfect alternative of Demonoid. This website provides torrent files and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The site was founded in 2008 and boasts traffic of more than 500k visitors every day. RARBG offers a very clean and intuitive UI that makes searching content a breeze.

It is worth noting that, RARBG is blocked in many countries like Saudi Arabia, the UK, Portugal, and India.

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2. 1337X

Probably the best Demonoid alternative

1337X is another popular torrent community and somewhat similar to Demonoid. Users on 1337X share the best torrent files for free download. According to the TorrentFreak, 1337X is the third most popular torrent website as of 2018. 1337X has a clean UI, and the content is very well organized based on different categories. 1337X gained much popularity after the discontinuation of KickassTorrents.

Visit 1337X

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3. The Pirate Bay

Demonoid alternatives for downloading torrents


The Pirate Bay is possibly one of the oldest torrent websites that has gone through many problems in the past. Well, the Pirate Bay has a minimal UI, and there is no exploration option. That said, you can simply search content, download it, or even contribute magnet links and torrent files.

Lastly, if Pirate Bay is not available in your country or your ISP has blocked it you can check out the best pirate bay alternatives.

Visit The Pirate Bay 

4. LimeTorrents

Demonoid alternatives

LimeTorrent is a newcomer, but the torrent website has gained immense popularity in recent years. Content on LimeTorrents is very well organized in different sections like movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, and software. This website offer verified one-click torrents downloads.

Visit LimeTorrents

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5. TorrentProject

Demonoid alternatives

The TorrentProject or Torrent Search Project is a metasearch engine for torrent-files, which consolidates links from other popular torrent hosting pages such as ExtraTorrent. Well, TorrentProject is an alternative to Demonoid. TorrentProject’s index has more than 10 million files coupled with self-produced content. Lastly, the UI is very clean and simple.

Using TorrentProject you can easily download free movies, games, music, tv shows.

Visit TorrentProject

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6. Torlock

Alternative to Demonoid for downloading verified torrents

Next best Demonoid alternative on the list is Torlock. Unlike other torrent websites, Torlock only lists verified Torrents. Furthermore, Content on Torlock is very well organized into different sections like Movie Torrents, TV Torrents, Music Torrents, Game Torrents, Software Torrents, and eBooks Torrents. Consequently, searching and exploring content on Torlock is fairly simple.

Torlock has a simple UI and the website offers a massive collection of Anime series. Lastly, Torlock also displays trending torrents on its homepage.

Visit Torlock

7. SeedPeer

Demonoid alternatives

SeedPeer is the renamed version of the popular decade-old torrent website Meganova. This website offers an extensive collection of high-quality torrents. Similar to many other websites content on SeedPeer is very well organized in different sections like movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, books, and much more.

Visit SeedPeer

8. Zooqle

Demonoid alternatives

Zooqle is another popular Demonoid alternative that may impress movies and TV shows enthusiasts. The UI of Zooqle is visually appealing and very well developed. Zooqle displays the most seeded torrents on its homepage. You can easily find exclusive content on Zooqle.

Visit Zooqle

9. YTS

Demonoid alternative for movies

YTS is the next popular torrent website among movie enthusiasts. This torrent website is dedicated to all sorts of films. Consequently, you can’t find other stuff like music, games, apps and much more, YTS allows users to select between different qualities like FHD, HD, and SD.

Moreover, YTS offers direct one-click download options for all of the movies on the platform.

Visit YTS

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10. Torrent9

Demonoid alternatives

The last Demenoid alternative on the list is Torrent9. This popular website offers verified torrents. The UI of the website is visually impressive and content is segregated into different sections like movies, TV shows, games, music, software etc.

In addition to that, Torrent 9 also features random movie on its homepage that may impress some users.

VISIT Torrent9

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Is Torrenting Legal?

One of the most common questions associated with downloading Torrent content “Is Torrenting Legal?”. In principle, it is. But if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content then it’s an illegal activity. This comes under the category of pirated content.

That said, if you are sharing now-copyrighted content then Torrenting is completely legal. The major reason behind banning torrent websites in different countries is the redistribution of copyrighted content.

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So these were some sites like Demonoid. Do share any other Demonoid alternatives that you use in the comments section below.

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Terrarium TV Down- Best Alternatives To Watch Free Movies In 2019

Terrarium TV is down- best alternatives to watch free movies

Is the Terrarium TV not working for you? are you looking for a replacement of it to use on windows, firestick or iOS? In this article, we have provided the best Terrarium Tv alternatives to download free movies and tv shows

Terrarium TV has shut down. It was perhaps the best app for watching free movies and TV shows. This free application was available on all major platforms like Android, Firestick TV, and Roku.

Well, if you were a Terrarium user and the Terrarium TV APK or Terrarium TV for Firestick is no more working in your region, then these Terrarium TV alternatives might help you.

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List of Best Terrarium TV app alternatives- Watch Free movies

1. Stremio

Stremio is the perfect alternative to Terrarium TV and its designed for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

The installation process of Stremio apk is similar to that of the Terrarium TV apk. Stremio has a clean and easy to navigate UI. Furthermore, Stremio doesn’t require any log-in or sign-up process; you can straight away start using the application.

Stremio is a favourite movie, TV shows, and TV series streaming service. The application offers a vast collection of free movies and free TV shows.

Stremio shows you all the content from different popular services like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Youtube, Twitch and more at one place. Lastly, you can even download content for offline viewing.


2. Megabox HD

Megabox HD is another feature-rich Terrarium TV alternative . The user interface of Megabox HD is very impressive, and both movies and TV shows are very well organized. Furthermore, the content is regularly updated with new movies and shows.

As the name of the application suggests a majority of content on Megabox is available in high definition.

Similar to Showbox and Terrarium TV you can either watch the content online or download it for viewing offline. Overall, its a perfect free alternative to Terrarium TV.


3. ModBro 

Modbro is the next stellar terrarium TV alternative. The major highlight of Modbro is the availability of high definition quality content and faster streaming speeds.

Furthermore, Modbro offers the ability to organize and filter TV shows and movies based on different languages and genre.

You can easily download and install the Modbro apk and start watching free movies online. Lastly, Modbro also offers the ability to either watch the content online or download it for watching offline.


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4. TeaTV

TeaTV is another popular movie and TV shows streaming application that has been in existence for a while now. Surprisingly, TeaTV is the most remote friendly application on the list. Consequently, TeaTv is the perfect alternative to Terrarium TV Firefox and Terrarium TV Roku.

TeaTV has thousands of movies and television shows coupled with subtitles.

TeaTV streams content flawlessly, and you can even download content. The only issue is that the default video player on TeaTV has minimal features. Installing TeaTV apk is a straightforward process.


5. Cinema Box HD

The last application on the list of 5 best alternatives to Terrarium TV app is Cinema Box HD. Cinema Box HD offers impressive audio and video quality coupled with reliable streaming speed.

This application has a humungous collection of newly released movies and television shows. The interface is very straightforward and nicely organizes content based on various genres.

Cinema Box HD works flawlessly both on Android and iOS devices. Similar to all of the above-mentioned applications you can even download content for offline viewing on Cinema Box HD.


Last but not the least, we have Kodi. The only reason why Kodi didn’t makeup to the list is the trouble of finding and installing add-ons on Kodi.

That said, Kodi has its own advantages as well. One of the most under-rated features of Kodi is that it is open-source which means unlike other applications in the list you won’t see any advertisement while watching content. If I were making a list for Terrarium TV alternatives for Firestick then this would top the list. Stay tuned for an article on that.


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So these were some of the best Terrarium TV alternatives to watch free movies and tv series. Do share any other application that you think should be added to the list in the comments section below.

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The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie

The Pirate Bay is Down? 3 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie

Is the Pirate bay down for you or is it blocked in your country?

What are the best torrent websites that you can use to download free movie torrents when TPB is down?

These are some of the major questions that come to every torrent users mind when the pirate bay goes down.

Currently operating from domain name The pirate bay torrent site has been serving for around 15 years now and has been successfully managing to escape from legal issues that might cause it to shut down.

In the past, the pirate bay had to jump over several domains including the famous .se domain to stay alive.

TPB was outperformed by Kickass Torrents when its founders were arrested in 2013. However Pirate Bay gained its way to top the best torrent site as kickass torrents have to shut down following legal issues.

Even though the administrators of The Pirate Bay keep saying that its server is raid proof, the visitors around the globe keep facing a tough time to access the pirate bay.

Pirate bay has also been caught mining cryptocurrency recently using its visitor’s devices.

Why Is The Pirate Bay Down?

It is not new for thepiratebay to face downtimes, the popular torrent site keeps facing regular downtime because of troubling issues from its hosting or even because of legal issues in several countries.

The most common of which is the Cloudflare error message that shows up when tpb goes down.

This site is also blocked in many countries like Sweden, Turkey, Norway, Italy, Spain, Qatar, India, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Argentina and many more because of legal issues.

Which might be another reason why you are not able to open the pirate bay.

Readers are advised not to use any pirate bay proxy or mirror sites like thepiratebay3 as they are not legit. these sites often serve adware and malware that may harm your pc or device.

If you are looking for The Pirate Bay alternatives, below is the list of top 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movies.

Please Note: These websites are blocked in many countries and regions. So you can access them by using a VPN.

You can check out our list of 5 Best VPNs for torrenting in 2018. Simply choose a VPN service that suits you.

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Here Are 10 Best The Pirate Bay Alternatives-

Here are the 10 best torrent sites to use when the pirate bay goes down

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


Perhaps the best alternatives for the pirate bay torrent is katcr.

The original KickassTorrents was shut down in 2016. however, the site’s original team revived the website at a new web address

This torrent site might not look much effective when compared to original kickass torrents but works handily when you are looking for a similar torrent site like the pirate bay.

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The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie

Just like Pirate Bay, RARBG provides torrent files and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

It has one of the best user interfaces when compared to any other torrent site.

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3. 1337x:


The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie

The main reason why 1337x is the best alternative for the pirate bay torrents is that it has a dedicated group of users and uploaders that keep its wide variety of content including games, movies, music television shows, documentaries updated regularly.

You can create a user account on this torrent site and add torrents as your favorites.

4. Torrent9:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


Next Pirate bay alternative for downloading free movies is Torrent9. This torrent website has a visually impressive and intuitive UI.

Furthermore, the content is very well segregated into different sections like movies, TV shows, games, music, software etc.

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5. YTS:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


YTS is another impressive Torrent downloading website which is primarily focused on downloading and sharing movies and TV shows.

Just like the pirate bay It’s fairly easy to find HD and FHD movies on YTS.

Lastly, YTS offers direct one-click downloads.

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6. Zooqle:


Zooqle is the next alternative to the pirate bay that can be used for downloading full movies.

This torrent website is very well developed and the clean UI makes it easier to search content. Zooqle also displays the most seeded torrents on its homepage.

You can create an account to subscribe to the RSS feed and get notifications of the latest torrent uploads.

7. SeedPeer:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


SeedPeer offers an extensive collection of high-quality torrents. All of the content on this torrent downloading website is organized in different categories like movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, books, and much more.

This torrent website provides high-speed torrent download just like the pirate bay as it has healthy quality of seeds and peers.

8. LimeTorrents:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


Limetorrents is a relatively new torrent website that has gained immense popularity in recent years. This website offer verified one-click torrents downloads.

The best reason to use this website when the pirate bay goes down is that it has a majority of movies available in HD and FHD quality.

9. Torlock:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


Torlock is the next pirate bay alternative on the list. You can easily find a massive collection of verified torrents on Torlock.

Torlock has a simple UI that makes searching content a breeze. Lastly, Torlock also displays trending torrents on its homepage.

10. EZTV:

The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie


The last perfect alternative for the pirate bay is EZTV. Similar to all other websites, you can easily find and download content.

EZTV has an outdated UI, but it gets the job done. Well, EZTV is perfect for downloading movies and TV shows. Furthermore, the website also displays the latest news from the torrent community.



The Pirate Bay is Down- 10 Best Torrent Sites To Download Free Movie

In addition to the above torrent sites, you can also use offlinebay, launched earlier this year. it serves the offline cached version of that is being updated regularly and can be browsed even if you don’t have a working internet connection.

How simple is that, you get to download the entire pirate bay offline version using your browser

Is Torrenting Legal?

One of the most common questions associated with downloading Torrent content is, “Is Torrenting Legal?”.

In principle, it is. But if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content then it’s an illegal activity. This comes under the category of pirated content.

That said, if you are sharing non-copyrighted content then Torrenting is completely legal.

Some legal alternatives of the Pirate Bay to download free movies-

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So these were some of the best pirate bay alternatives to download free movie torrents when TPB goes down or is blocked.

Do share any other pirate bay alternative that you use in the comments section below.

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YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber Shuts Down- 5 Best free Alternatives

YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber Shuts Down- 5 Best free Alternatives

RIAA Complaint Closes Down YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber, here are 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites

Thanks to the music industry, YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber has shut down following threats from the RIAA, reports TorrentFreak. MP3Fiber was used by a million users every month to download audio and convert them to free MP3.

The audio ripping platform allowed users to download MP3 audio from several platforms including YouTube, SoundCloud, and Daily Motion.

For those unaware, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is an anti-piracy group in the U.S. that represents the music recording industry’s intellectual property rights.

YouTube-Ripper MP3Fiber Shuts Down- 5 Best free Alternatives
Notice on MP3Fiber’s website

The organization has taken an especially aggressive stance against Internet users who want to be able to freely copy published music.

In September last year, YouTube-MP3, the world’s largest and most popular YouTube audio download website was shut down by RIAA following a settlement with the music labels.

The RIAA carried out an investigation against MP3Fiber. It then asked domain privacy service, DomainsByProxy to provide the personal details of the site’s operator. T

he company provided the requested information to RIAA in absence of court order and also notified MP3Fiber, reports TorrentFreak.

Using the obtained information, the RIAA contacted the site’s operator living in Canada. According to TorrentFreak, the site believed that it was operating legally due to the blank media levy in Canada, which compensates the labels for private copying.

However, the RIAA maintained that this defense wouldn’t apply since the MP3Fiber site was accessible in the U.S.

In order to avoid getting into any legal mess with the RIAA, MP3Fiber’s operator took the decision to shut down the service.

“This site was actually run as a hobby. We spent more on servers then we ever made so did not want to get into any legal battles. We pretty much gave in to their demands without too many other thoughts,” he told TorrentFreak.

Threatening action by the RIAA against YouTube-ripping sites has seen sites like MP3Fiber, MP3.Org,,,, and shut down their service in the recent past.

Check out the top 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites:

  1. ListenToYouTube

top 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites- ListenToYouTube

ListenToYouTube is the most famous free YouTube to MP3 converter online. No signup is needed. Simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL and it will download the Flash video to its server.

After the downloading, it will extract the MP3 audio files and give you a download link to get the MP3 files. However, sometimes the quality of the MP3 files is not as good as you would expect it to be.

  1. YouTubeToMP3

top 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites- YouTubeToMP3

YouTubeToMP3 is a new site that allows you to convert and download the audio from YouTube video is for free! Simply Paste the link of the YouTube video you would like to download in the converter box, then select the output format and click the convert button.

Wait while YouTubeToMP3 converts your file to your desired format and download. It’s that easy!!!

  1. Video2MP3

top 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites- video2mp3

Video2MP3 is another great free online YouTube to MP3 converter that is quite easy to use. It claims to be the most reliable free YouTube video to MP3 converter online over the web.

Most of the popular video services providers like Dailymotion, MyVideo, etc. are well supported. Simply copy the video link to the converter box and you will get the MP3 files in a few minutes. What’s more, this tool allows you to choose the quality to your needs.

  1. VidToMP3

top 5 free online YouTube to MP3 converting websites- vidtomp3

VidToMP3 is a new site that gives you an easy way to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP3 for playing on your MP3 player.

In addition to YouTube, it also well supports other popular video sites like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Veoh, Break, Vimeo and tons of other similar sites. To download YouTube to MP3 online with this service, simply copy the URL of the page with video and paste it into the box, then click Download and wait.

When the conversion completes, a pop-up window will guide you to download the MP3 files.

  1. FLVTO


FLVTO is another amazing tool to convert YouTube to MP3 online easily. Different from other free online YouTube converter to MP3, its web page is quite attractive. Usually, the quality of the MP3 audio files you get is high and the downloading speed is relatively fast.

The same as other utilities, you just need to enter the YouTube video link and click Convert to extract MP3 files from online YouTube videos.

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MegaShare alternatives | 3 best movie streaming website – 2018

Best 3 alternatives to the popular movie streaming website, MegaShare - 2018

Check out the top 3 alternatives to MegaShare

MegaShare, was one of the largest video streaming portals for TV shows and movies on the Internet. However, MegaShare abruptly shut down in the year 2014, due to trouble with its video hosting provider.

The shutdown announcement read, “Because there are problems with video hosting company, MEGASHARE is closing and not updating new movies in future. Thank you for your support!”

MegaShare didn’t host any of the videos itself but it depended on files from third-party sites such as Google, Putlocker and Sockshare. It was one of the streaming portals that used Google as video hosting provider.

Back then, Google was criticized for allowing “pirate” movie streaming portals to use its servers to distribute copyrighted material. The search giant was backlashed for not doing enough to prevent pirate sites from showing up in search results. Whether the shutting down of MegaShare was related to the “video hosting troubles” is still unknown.

Since its launch in 2010, MegaShare enjoyed steady growth and operated from .sh and .info domains until its shutdown in 2014. Several clone websites cropped up to take its place. However, recently Google has removed MegaShare and its clones from its search results.

In the absence of MegaShare, we have made a list of the top-rated free movie streaming websites for our readers for an uninterrupted online movie watching experience.

Here are best 3 MegaShare like movie streaming websites:

  1. Solar Movie

Solar Movie website is the best alternative, as it boasts a high-quality search engine for movies online. The Solar Movie home page displays the list of most popular movies, which are typically the latest ones. Details and user rating of each movie are added, which helps one choose the most proper one to watch. Currently, the SolarMovie website is being operated from; however, this can quickly change as anti-piracy groups are always on the lookout to stop such streaming websites.

  1. Fmovies

Fmovies is another popular movie streaming service where you can watch movies online in high quality for free without advertisements. You can also download movie, subtitles to your PC to watch movies offline. It has a range of movies from the oldest to the newest for their viewers.

  1. 1337x

Launched in 2007, 1337x is another best and most popular torrent site. This site is basically based on community, where people share best torrent files for free download. It indexed in a large database from many torrent sites like torrentz, torrentdb etc.

1337x has traditionally been a community-driven torrent site but had some issues a year ago where several of the admins and moderators protested over security concerns. However, much progress and improvement has been made since with the site growing in traffic, and recently rolling out a new design as well. The link to access this website is

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5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects

5 best github alternatives

Not happy with Github being acquired by Microsoft? Here are the best 5 GitHub alternatives

GitHub, the largest source-code repository in the world, has been in news lately. Thanks to Microsoft who recently announced that it would purchase the hosted Git (version control system) service GitHub Inc. for $7.5 billion in an all-stock deal.

For those who are not aware, GitHub is a popular web-based hosting service for source code and development projects that allows developers to use the tools of the privately-held company to store code, change, adapt and improve software from its public repositories for free. GitHub users have a choice of using either Git or Subversion as their VCS (Version Control System), to manage, maintain and deploy software projects. It has more than 28 million developers already collaborating on the platform and are working on more than 85 million repositories of code.

While Microsoft has assured that GitHub will continue to operate independently and will remain an open platform after the acquisition, open source developers are not hopeful and may look for an alternate place.

In this article, we provide you top 5 GitHub alternatives to host your open-source project:

  1. GitLab

GitLab is a free and open source project licensed under MIT that is very close to GitHub in use and feel. However, GitLab sacrifices the ease of use of GitHub for more privacy, security and serving speed. One if its unique features are that you can install GitLab onto your own server.

5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects- Gitlab

GitLab’s UI is clean and intuitive and also claims to handle large files and repositories better than GitHub. It supports issue tracker, group milestones, moving of issues between projects, configurable issue boards and group issues, and more. It also supports powerful branching tools and protected branches and tags, time tracking, custom notifications, issues weights, merge requests, file locking, project roadmaps, confidential and related issues, burn down charts for project and group milestones.

GitLab also allows users to have unlimited public AND private repos for free. It is being used by Stack Overflow, IBM, AT&T, Microsoft, and more. GitLab consists of three versions: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition Starter, and Enterprise Edition Premium, where each version can have different features. It is recommended to understand your needs first before selecting a certain edition.

  1. Bitbucket

Owned by Atlassian, Bitbucket is second only to GitHub in terms of popularity and usage. It is a web-based version control repository hosting service for source code and development projects. However, it also supports the Mercurial VCS as well as Git, whereas GitHub only supports Git and Subversion. It is available on Windows and Mac for free.

5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects- Bitbucket

Bitbucket offers free accounts with an unlimited number of private repositories for individuals and organizations (which can have up to five users or lesser but can be increased by selecting a paid plan). Bitbucket allows you to push files using any Git client, or the Git command line. Bitbucket can also be controlled through its web interface. It also offers amazing support for Git Large File Storage (LFS) for game development.

BitBucket integrates and communicates well with JIRA, Bamboo, and HipChat, who are a part of the Atlassian software family. It also offers features such as code reviews, Bitbucket pipelines, code search, pull requests, flexible deployment models, diff view, smart mirroring, issue tracking, IP whitelisting, an unlimited private repos, commit history and branch permissions for safeguarding your workflow. Depending on your security needs, Bitbucket deploys in the cloud, on a local server, or your company’s data center.

  1. LaunchPad

Launchpad is a free, popular platform for building, managing and collaborating on software projects from Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux. It offers features such as code hosting, Ubuntu package building and hosting bug tracking, code reviews, mail listing, and specification tracking. It also supports translations, answers tracking and FAQs. Launchpad has good support for Git that allows you to host or import Git repositories on Launchpad for free.

5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects- Launchpad

Some of the popular projects hosted on Launchpad include Ubuntu Linux, MySQL, OpenStack, Terminator and more.

  1. SourceForge

SourceForge is a web-based service that offers software developers a centralized online location to control and manage free and open-source software projects. It was the first to offer this service for free to open-source projects.

5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects- sourceforge

SourceForge provides a source code repository, bug tracking, mirroring of downloads for load balancing, a wiki for documentation, developer and user mailing lists, user-support forums, user-written reviews and ratings, a news bulletin, micro-blog for publishing project updates, and other features. SourceForge hosts lots of open-source Linux, Windows, Mac, Apache OpenOffice, FileZilla projects, and lots more.

SourceForge servers support for PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl, Ruby, and shell scripts. You can upload to Sourceforge through an SFTP client. It offers you the option of using Git, Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (Hg) as your project’s VCS on SourceForge.

  1. GitBucket

GitBucket is an open source, highly pluggable Git platform that runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It comes with features such as Public / Private Git repositories (with http/https and ssh access), GitLFS support, a repository viewer, issues, pull requests and wiki for repositories, activity timeline and email notifications, account and group management with LDAP integration, and a plug-in system to extend its core features.

5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects- GitBucket

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15 Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites For 2019

best youtube alternatives 2018

Are you looking for the best video sharing websites? Here are the Top 15 Best Free Alternatives Of YouTube To Watch Free Videos

Over the years, YouTube has established itself as the most preferable and popular online website for streaming various videos free of cost. YouTube has not only served the people by being an entertaining platform, it fulfilled the dreams and aspirations of many. It has provided a living and a prominent identity to many.

What if one day YouTube vanishes off the surface of the Internet, or find it painstakingly boring with monotonous content. You better be ready with some YouTube alternatives. So in this article, we are listing best YouTube alternatives, sites like YouTube for video streaming.

However, YouTube might be a dominant platform but sometimes; even YouTube induces a feeling of disappointment at times. Therefore it is necessary to keep tab on YouTube alternatives that can serve us better content.

The website has been highly criticized for un-notified alternatives to its policies and several other dejections. However, some alternatives are present to relieve users from such misery.

With the internet diversifying every day, even YouTube has got proficient competitors. Though the alternatives might not be much popular among the surfers, they’re some of the excellent features. The list of alternative options is long enough, but the best alternatives are summarized in accordance with the users’ preference.

List of TOP 15 Best YouTube Alternatives to watch videos online

1. DailyMotion

dailymotion - youtube alternative

Having a similar interface to YouTube, Daily motion is another video streaming website like YouTube that is popular among the users. Being almost a twin of YouTube, even Daily Motion has ‘TRENDING’ criteria and allows users to surf the required content a.k.a. videos through the search menu present at the top.

Daily Motion is an exquisite platform serving millions of content creators who can upload the content up to 4GB in size with a high resolution of 1080p.

Available in 18 languages and around 35 local adaptations, the website serves around 112 million users. The best part about this alternative is that it is capable of providing excellent content with negligible restrictions and flexible policies.

DailyMotion Best Features

  • Simple and clean UI.
  • Dedicated ‘TRENDING’ section.
  • Available in 18 languages.



Another settled member in the family of online video websites is Vimeo. Vimeo is a virtual podium for both beginners and amateur content creators. Providing a strong platform for exciting content, the website has a significant number of subscribers. As per the statistics of 2017, the website welcomed about 873 million users across the world.

At some point of time, Vimeo was considered the best YouTube alternative for many genres but over the time due to its sporadic restrictions, it has become just another site like YouTube.

This website a spectacular platform is the fact that it allows the content creators to upload high quality of videos. It allows 4K ultra HD videos with HDR. What separates the website from the mainstream is that it is ad-free. Very few websites have this feature that captivates a user’s attention.

However, there’s a flip side to every coin. Though the aspects of Vimeo have always impressed the critics, the upload restriction is what disappoints the users the most.

Weekly upload limit of 500 MB and paid upload limit of 5GB are the major loopholes in the website. But considering the overall features, the website is a must for every crazy fan of binge watching and remains as one of the best YouTube alternatives.

Vimeo Best Features

  • Vimeo allows 4K ultra HD videos with HDR.
  • Completely ad-free.

3. DTube

D tube

Having a similar interface to YouTube and Daily Motion, DTube is an emerging online video streaming website that can be said to be decent amongst the YouTube alternatives that are available around. 

The features of the website prove that it has been highly influenced by YouTube. It provides the feature of saving videos that can be watched anytime. Also, the feature of browsing by using trending tags allows the users to surf into the best content available on the website.

The most exciting feature is the ‘ad-free’ aspect of the website. Monotonous and prolonged advertisements spoil the strike a feeling of agitation and irritation all at once. However, if entertainment comes without interruption, it is worth watching.

Another exciting feature about this website is that it gives you a chance points in the form of crypto-currency when you upload videos. Even when the users comment on the videos, they might get lucky enough to earn some points.

Though the alternative is being mentioned at the end, it’s one of the best substitutes to YouTube.

 DTube Best Features

  • Ability to save videos as watch later.
  • Completely ad-free.
  • Users can earn crypto-currency by uploading videos.

4. MySpace


Has been the most popular social networking website during the phase of 2004-2010, MySpace is a diverse platform, providing scope for blogs, music videos, web series, interviews, personal profiles and much more.

Particularly, a social networking website, MySpace doesn’t disappoint the spectators and matches up to their expectations by providing amazing video content. There have been gradual alterations in the website after the downfall in its popularity. The exciting part about MySpace that it is a combination of all the possible entertainment genres. The website even provides scope for gaming.

Despite impressive alterations in its framework, the website witnessed the downfall in its viewing audience and had approximately 50 million users in 2016.

Although, the popularity levels of the website might have declined, yet it can be considered as a satisfying alternative to YouTube.

MySpace Best Features

  • Massive collection of content from different genres.
  • Dedicated section for music.


metacafe - Youtube Alternative

15 years old Metacafe precedes YouTube by 2 years and is one of the most primitive videos streaming sites on the web. Specialized in short videos, users can seek entertainment on Metacafe in various genres including movies, music, video games, TV, sports etc. In its initial years.

Metacafe was somewhat a similar to YouTube. However, with years, the websites was revamped and brought out as a type of short-video entertainment. It has helped unleash scope for major studio broadcasts and additional genres, as stated above, including cable TV.

The best part about this alternative is that it caters to entertainment needs and specializes in straightforward and to-the-point contents.

The website has a user population of about 40 million. Although, the website lacks professional content, for the fans of short videos for entertainment, Metacafe is the perfect substitute.

MetaCafe Best Features

  • An extensive collection of content.
  • Many different genres.
  • Reliable streaming speeds.



One of the few YouTube alternatives that caught my eye. If you’re crazy about binge watching for hours, Veoh might be the perfect website for you. Providing a range of longer videos along with user-generated and personalized content, Veoh lets one watch and upload infinite limit of videos.

Possibly, a hybrid of a social networking and a video-streaming website, Veoh lets its users create groups and pursue direct messaging along with providing amazing content.

Another significant fact about Veoh is that it provides a software application, namely VEOHTV BETA. This software application enables its users to stream into remote-controllable watching of online videos.

However, one of the drawbacks is that the pre-requisite to stream into HD web content on this website is that one needs to install Veoh Web Player with their browser.

The pros of this website overpower the cons and hence, it can be exclaimed as a suitable substitute to YouTube.

Veoh Best Features

  • Personalized content.
  • Ability to create groups and share content.

7. 9GAG Videos

9gag videos

Being known in the world for the best memes on the web, 9GAG is a social media website and a platform that has been successful in pleasing its users since 2008.

The 9GAG TV has been popular among the users of social media. The company has been supplying an ultimate dose of entertainment both at social media platforms and its original website.

This ultimate stop for entertainment offers hilarious videos that would surely fulfill all your entertainment needs. As per the statistics of 2017, the website witnessed 223.35 million users streaming in for videos. Having a minimum number of cons, 9GAG is considered the best alternative to YouTube and has been popular especially among the adolescents.

9GAG TV Best Features

  • An enormous collection of entertainment content.
  • Good video quality.



VEVO is the most suitable website for all the music lovers. It is not just another YouTube alternatives that you can snub. VEVO has been acquired by Google and tied up artist on YouTube, until recently when VEVO got hacked.

Also CheckVEVO Got Hacked and Despacito got Deleted

Designed specifically for the music content, VEVO offers a wide variety of music videos from two most popular music labels, SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT and UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP.

Enhancing the music world with an exquisite range of music videos, VEVO allows the users to explore through featured playlists and enjoy the versatile criteria of music.

Although the entertainment boundaries of this website only let you explore the musical diversity, yet the high-quality and mesmerizing melodies don’t let you feel the deficiencies. and it remains one of the best sites like youtube.

VEVO Best Features

  • Perfect service for music content.
  • Clean and simple UI.

9. The open video project

the open video project

Not every time one stream into online videos, for leisure purposes. The primary motive of the Internet is to supply the beneficial and the work-required content. Hence, sometimes viewers surf YouTube for educational purposes too.

THE OPEN VIDEO PROJECT allows one to dive into the educational aspects in the form of videos. It is developed at the University of North Carolina, an institute of science and technology. This website is an informative and pedagogic platform that provides solution and information regarding serious concerns.

The university is currently researching and revamping the website to make it capable of easy browsing and inhibiting the qualities of being user-oriented. and hopefully it will offer features similar to YouTube in coming years.

The Open Video Project Best Features

  • Good service for eductional content.
  • Decent searching and exploring tools.


sony crackle

As suggested by its name, Crackle is an associated website of the Sony Entertainment Group. The website provides scope for original content as well as content from other established platforms.

The website caters to entertainment needs by providing amazing video content from various established production houses, including Columbia Pictures, Funimation Films, Tri-star pictures and many more. Providing an efficient entertainment library, Sony crackle is emerging as a competent source of entertainment and an evolving competition to YouTube.

Owned by a renowned group, Sony Crackle won’t ever inculcate disappointment among the users. and acts like one of the best YouTube like sites.

Crackle Best Features

  • Searching and exploring content on crackle is fairly simple.
  • Crackle offers pleasing video quality and reliable streaming speeds.

11. IGTV

IGTV is a relatively new video service that is one of the best YouTube alternatives. This new service is introduced by Instagram as an attempt to increase the amount of video-based content on the platform.

Unlike other YouTube alternatives, a majority of content on IGTV is available in a vertical orientation. Users can simply follow their favorite creators and the popular section allows users to explore content.

IGTV is integrated with the Instagram application. That said if you want to upload IGTV videos than you have to download the IGTV application.

IGTV Best Features

  • Integrated with Instagram.
  • Vertical videos.

12. Facebook

Yes, you read it right Facebook can be used to watch videos. Infact, the platform has a massive collection of videos and this popular social media service has a very well-developed video player.

So as to watch videos on Facebook, simply search a particular term like “Issac Newton” and select the videos section. Facebook will now display many videos related to Issac Newton.

In addition to that filters like source, location, and date posted makes it easier to search and explore more content. Overall, Facebook is one of the best Youtube alternatives.

Facebook Best Features

  • Well-developed video player
  • Reliable streaming speeds and good quality videos.

13. Yahoo View

Yahoo View is a popular service for streaming popular TV series and movies online. It’s not exactly a YouTube alternative but a reliable service to enjoy free content.

This streaming service offers full episodes of TV series from many different genres like anime, comedy, documentaries, drama, and much more.

Once you sign-up with a free account, Yahoo View suggests personalized content based on your interests. Lastly, the quality of videos on Yahoo View is impressive and you can easily watch full episodes of TV shows.

Best Features Yahoo View

  • A decent collection of TV shows and movies.
  • Completely Ad-free.

14. PopcornFlix

The next YouTube like site on the list is PopcornFlix. Well, PopcornFlix is a very well-known website that has an extensive collection of some old TV shows that were once aired via cable TV.

Popcornflix also has its native Android and iOS application using which you can continue watching videos where you left from. Overall, Popcornflix has a clean interface and well-categorized sections.

Similar to other YouTube alternatives on the list you can use Popcorn Flix as a reliable entertainment service.

PopcornFlix Best Features

  • Good collection of TV shows and movies.
  • Native Android and iOS applications.

15. Twitch

The last YouTube alternative on the list is Twitch. This streaming service is very popular among the gaming community throughout the world. Twitch allows users to ‘live broadcast’ their gameplay and save these live streams.

You won’t find much entertaining content on Twitch, but if you are a gaming enthusiast than you may even prefer using Twitch over YouTube.

Twitch Best Features

  • Massive collection of gaming content.
  • Reliable live streaming tools.


The above compilation might have broken your stereotype of YouTube is the only and the best online video streaming website. Indeed, YouTube has won several hearts with its versatile features yet the other fascinating alternatives deserve some light. Its competitors might lack on the scale of popularity, but when it comes to quality, all the above-mentioned YouTube alternatives are equally competent. Give them a try and experience various layers of entertainment.

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The Pirate Bay Is Down, Here Are The Best Torrent Alternatives For TPB

The Pirate Bay Is Down, Here Are Best Torrent Alternatives For TPB

Its not just you, The Pirate Bay Is Down For Everyone

World’s best torrent site The Pirate Bay is down again. While its nothing new for the tpb facing down time. This week the website has reportedly been facing server issues several times.

Currently The Pirate Bay is throwing cloudflare error 502 bad gateway message.

The Pirate Bay Is Down, Here Are Best Torrent Alternatives

TPB site status page shows that the website is down from past few hours and only the tor version is accessible.

If you are looking for torrent download and can’t find alternatives to The Pirate Bay we have compiled a list of best 3 torrent alternatives for The Pirate Bay below:

  1. KickassTorrents: The original KickassTorrents was shut down and its owner Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland in 2016. however the site’s original team revived the website at a new web address
  2. RARBG : RARBG gained quick popularity and provides torrent files and magnet links to facilitate p2p file sharing. The site has been blocked by UK, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Portugal and several other countries.
  3. YTS: is not the original YTS or YIFY website but a good clone. After the demise of original YIFY/YTS this website took its place and since it has gained lots of popularity with its unique style website look.

The Pirate Bay Alternatives- 10 Best Torrent Sites like TPB (2018)

Do let us know in the comments below if you know of any better alternatives.

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9 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives In 2019 To Use When TPB Is Down

10tech score

The Pirate Bay is one of the most reliable torrent sites that is used by millions of users. This popular torrent site offers impressive download speeds and tpb has an easy to navigate UI.

Is The Pirate Bay down or blocked for you? here are the 9 best alternative torrent sites like TPB for free movie download

Finding a torrent site that stays online and doesn’t get blocked by legal authorities is becoming tougher day by day so is it for thepiratebay torrent.

The Pirate Bay keeps facing worldwide outage with a familiar Cloudflare Error 522 message, or due to blockage by ISP’s. For eg; TPB is blocked by isp’s in India, UK, and several other countries.

While the pirate bay has been switching domain in the past. last year it switched from to

The Pirate Bay Alternatives

Most of the times its just that the normal web version of the pirate bay is unreachable with tor version running well all the time.

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While at the time of Cloudflare error The Pirate Bay actually remains down, there are several other reasons for which tpb might not be working for you, including ISP Level blockage following any court order from your government.

Which leaves you with two possibilities:

  • The Pirate Bay is not accessible only for you, your ISP, or your country.

-This can be sorted by using a VPN which will help bypass the restrictions set by your ISP.

  • Tpb is actually down.

-As mentioned above, most of the time tor version of The Pirate Bay still remains accessible while the main site is down or you can just try one of the torrent sites similar to the pirate bay, mentioned below.

These are not the only reasons which make The pirate bay torrent users look for its alternatives. but in the past pirate bay has also been caught mining cryptocurrency( which increases the CPU load of your computer). While in the beginning the popular torrent site did not inform the users about it mining plans and did so without any notice. but later on it decided to notify the users by adding a notice as follows-

By entering TPB you agree to XMR being mined using your CPU. If you don’t agree please leave now or install an adBlocker

It is advised to the readers to use any good VPN to access any torrent website like pirate bay torrents, as ISP’s keep tracking visitors and can share the browsing data of users to law enforcement agencies if asked to do so.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is for educational purpose only and should not be used as it is illegal and prohibited in many countries. Techworm shall not be responsible for any consequences.

The Pirate Bay torrent alternatives for free movie downloads:

You might be wondering that is torrenting legal?

While torrenting is completely legal. Downloading copyrighted material is not. So if you are downloading any torrent from TPB which is not open source or freeware it might be illegal.

Let’s see in details what these Pirate bay torrent alternatives have to provide us in terms of user interface, features and torrent downloads.

1. KickassTorrents:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents once lead as the best torrent download website. however, it was taken over by the piratebay torrents in the last few years.

The original KickassTorrents was shut down and its owner Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland in 2016. however, the site’s original team revived the website at a new web address

2. RARBG: 

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - RARBG

Founded in 2008, RARBG is a piratebay like torrent website that provides torrent files and magnet links to enable peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.

It also has one of the best-looking user interfaces and most movies and TV shows come with thumbnails and preview that makes the site really easy to navigate. In recent month the torrent site gained so much of popularity that it got blocked in the UK.

3. YTS:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - YTS is not the original YTS or YIFY website but a good clone. After the demise of original YIFY/YTS, this website took its place and since it has gained lots of popularity with its unique style website look.

This torrent website holds HD movies and other stuffs for free downloads. and if the pirate bay is down for you it might be the best alternative torrent site.

4. 1337x:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - 1337x

4th in our list is one of the best alternatives for the pirate bay torrent. Launched in 2007, 1337X has a dedicated group of users and uploaders that keep this torrent site updated.

5. Torrentz2:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a substitute for the original site. The meta-search engine is open about the fact that it’s not related to the “real” Torrentz and places itself as a new and improved version, searching over 60 other torrent sites.

While this torrent website ios not very similar to the pirate bay torrent but it surely will help you with the purpose of torrent download.

6. TorLock:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - TorLock

Torlock is one of the best pirate bay torrent alternatives to download free movies.

This torrent site has a moto to provide all genuine torrents and challenges users to find fake torrents for which they will be rewarded $1 every time. It also has one of the best listings of fresh popular torrents, movie, music, tv and game torrents.

7. Zooqle:

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - Zooqle

Zooqle is comparatively a newcomer in the list. If the pirate bay is down, you might want to visit this torrent site.

It has category wise listing of torrents and also lists each movie or tv shows torrents via their quality in 3D, ultra, 1080p, 720p, std, med and low.

8. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents has grown in popularity and has managed to gather a huge fan following after the departure of big bosses of torrenting sites like Kickass Torrents, Extratorrents, and Torrentz.

LimeTorrent has a huge library of online content, which includes verified torrents downloads like movies, games, music, anime, TV shows, software absolutely for free which makes it one of the best torrent site of 2019.

9. SeedPeer

The last best alternative to the pirate bay on the list is SeedPeer. Similar to other websites on the list, Seedpeer has a clean and simple UI. Content on SeedPeer is very well segregated into different sections like movies, TV, games, apps, music, books, and animes.

Seedpeer displays the size and the upload time of every torrent file on the platform. Well, SeedPeer is the renamed version of the popular decade-old torrent website Meganova.

In addition to the above-mentioned torrent websites, you can also use OfflineBay, which was released earlier this year. It serves an offline cached version of the pirate bay torrent.

The Pirate Bay Alternatives - OfflineBay

To use offline bay you can download it from their official website

Also Read- 

Torrent download requires torrent downloader clients. You can use clients like bittorrent or utorrent to download torrent files from tpb or any other torrent sites.

Quick history of The Pirate Bay-

The Pirate Bay (TPB) was founded in 2013 by Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde. Its been more than 15 years of service now. TPB holds the rank of the best torrent site in the world.

Like any other torrent sites, the pirate bay torrents also had difficulty facing legal issues in the past. the site has also suffered raids on its server in 2016 and 2013. Pirate Bay also had to switch several domains to stay alive. But nothing has stopped the site to come back again.

However, due to legal pressure and DDoS attacks, TPB has been facing regular downtimes in the recent past.


So these were some of the best the pirate bay alternatives if the site is blocked or down. You can use them to download free movies. If you are looking for more alternatives for TPB, you can check them out here

Do share your personal recommendations for other good torrenting websites which you use to download free movies, music, videos or games in the comments below.

read more is dead | Top 3 Movie streaming website – 2019 aka GoMovies is dead; top 3 alternatives

We had recently reported that 123movieshub, also known as GoMovies, the popular movie pirating website, has officially announced that they would shut down by the end of this week.

The team had posted a message posted on the site, which read, “We’ve been providing links to movies and shows for years. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends and thanks for staying with us that long.

“PS: Please pay for the movies/shows, that’s what we should do to show our respect to people behind the movies/shows.”

Also Check out123movies alternatives | Sites like 123movies to watch movies, TV shows

Currently, the 123movies site displays a Cloudflare error message 521, which means that the original web server (in this case – has refused the connection from Cloudflare. aka GoMovies is dead; top 3 alternatives

With the 123movies site likely to go off anytime soon as per their official announcement, visitors can go ahead and use the following 3 alternate free movie streaming websites to continue watching movies which is similar to 123movies. Alternatives- Free movie streaming websites:

  1. MovieK alternative- movie4k

This is the best alternative to, as it is one of the biggest free movie’s websites to watch online movies on the internet. Besides movies, MovieK also offers television shows and adult content.

It is free and does not require registration. You can stream movies online and enjoy the fastest streaming speeds from genres which vary from comedies, action, adventure, classic and much more.

Each entry will show relevant information like genre, rating, length, IMBD, year of release and cast, that helps the user to decide which movie to stream.

  1. PrimeWire alternative- primewire

Another alternative to 123movies is PrimeWire, which has a free online index of hosted files and movies ranging from comedies to horror, and television series.

Every movie on this site is linked to various video hosting websites, mostly more than 15 different ones.

PrimeWire’s domain address has changed multiple times throughout its history, with the most recent domain seizure being the URL, which was suspended and transferred ownership under EuroDNS, by order of a Luxembourg court.

Currently, the PrimeWire website is being operated from

  1. SolarMovie alternative- solarmovie

SolarMovie is yet another website that offers streaming movies and TV shows online for free.

The service provides shows in HD format with no registration required and includes user ratings and details of each movie, which makes it easier for you to select the right movie to watch.

The site also has a user forum where users can share and discuss opinions about movies and TV shows.

The above three alternatives are best working free movie streaming websites right now. A word of caution, the above sites may change their domain names due to the very nature of such websites.

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