Windows 10 KB4550945 Update Has Serious Problems [Working Fixes]

Soon after the issues caused by the faulty Windows 10 KB4549951 cumulative update, Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB4550945 update to fix the problems caused by the previous update.

As you might have guessed by now, the new update also comes with many new problems. Thankfully, this update does fix some problems caused by the KB4549951 update.

In this article, we have shared the problems addressed by the Windows 10 KB4550945 update accompanied by the problems that it causes.

Lastly, we have also shared several fixes to overcome the issues from KB4550945 Update.

Issues Addressed By Windows 10 KB4550945 Update

These are some of the problems that have been fixed by the latest Windows update.

  • Updates an issue that prevents you from resuming a Microsoft Xbox game on a Windows device after upgrading from a previous version of Windows.
  • Updates an issue that causes a text box that contains multiple lines of text to stop responding in certain scenarios.
  • Updates an issue that generates unexpected notifications when you change the default application settings.
  • Updates an issue that causes Windows Update to stop responding when you check for updates.
  • Updates an issue that fails to print content that is outside of the margins of a document.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents certain apps from opening after you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, and a Bad Image exception dialog box appears.
  • Addresses in an issue that turns off notifications for devices that use a virtual private network (VPN) on a cellular network.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents you from resuming a Microsoft Xbox game on a Windows device after upgrading from a previous version of Windows.
  • Addresses an issue that causes a box that contains multiple lines of text to stop responding in certain scenarios.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents the touch keyboard from appearing during sign in when the user is prompted for the password.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents the touch keyboard from opening in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps when USB devices are connected.
  • Addresses an issue that displays incorrect folder properties in File Explorer when the path is longer than MAX_PATH.

Additionally, many other problems have been fixed by the KB4550945 update.

Problems Caused By Windows 10 KB4550945 Update

The KB4550945 Windows 10 update was released on 21st April. Soon after its release, many users reported that they are facing problems while installing this update on their computers.

Apart from installation issues, this update is causing serious problems like the Blue screen of death, Boot failures, WiFi connectivity issues, and many more.



A user on the Windows Forum reported that,

Lately, I’ve been getting BSODs with the error “KERNEL MODE HEAP CORRUPTION” whenever I try to do something seemingly CPU-heavy (watching live streams/conferences, even trying to look at the Event Viewer). Following some experimenting, I noted that the KB4549951 update was not necessarily the cause of the BSOD because it happened even after I uninstalled it. I have recently updated my Intel display driver, but I can’t seem to roll it back from the Device Manager.

Numerous users are also facing WiFi connectivity problems after installing this update. In a post on the Windows forum, a user shared the WiFi Problems he has been facing coupled with the fixes he has tried so far.

Since the KB4549951 I have no more wifi on my computer.

I already tried all those, unsuccesfully:
– Uninstall update

– All the problem resolution software inside windows

– Restart the services linked to network

– Updating the drivers (drivers are up to date for sure now)

– Adding a usb wifi adapter, doesn’t work either

When I try to have help with the asking for help or send a comment on top right of parameter window, both tell me I’m not connected to internet but yes I’m with an ethernet cable, proof is I’m writing this post asking for help…

I try now to have the last update of Windows but Windows update is now stuck with error 0x80070422…

Some other error includes (Error 0x80073701)

Lastly, users are also facing other serious problems like decrement in performance, difficulties while opening windows defender, store games crash issues, USB-C monitor output problems, and several sound issues.


Well, if you are facing any of the problems mentioned above after installing the latest Windows 10 update, then head on to the fix mentioned in the next section of this article.

Windows 10 KB4550945 Update Fixes

Here are some of the fixes that you may try to fix the problems aroused from the latest windows 10 update

1. Uninstall The Update

Uninstalling the KB4550945 update is one of the most effective ways to fix the problems caused by this update. You can follow these simple steps to uninstall the update.

  • Go to Settings and click “Update and Security.”
  • Choose “Windows Update” and open “View update history.”
  • Click “Uninstall updates.”
  • Locate the latest update and uninstall it.
  • Lastly, Reboot your device.

2. Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade


If this update is causing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues on your system then you can try in-place upgrade to fix the problems.

  1. Go to the Windows 10 download page.
  2. Click Download tool now. The tool named as MediaCreationTool<version-no>.exe will be downloaded on your computer.
  3. After the downloading process ends completely, you have to run the tool.
  4. After clicking the tool, the Windows 10 in-place upgrade process will begin. When seeing the Applicable notices and license terms, you need to accept
  5. Wait until the Getting Ready screen disappears.
  6. You will see two options: Upgrade this PC Now and Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC.
  7. You need to select the Upgrade this PC now option to perform the in-place upgrade.
  8. Click Next. Then the tool begins to download the needed files. It will take a while to finish the job.

After several restarts, the Windows 10 in-place upgrade will be finished.

3. Fix Sound Issues

Lastly, if you are facing sound issues then you can check out the official sound problem fixes shared by Microsoft.

Our team has also written an article on How To Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed In Windows 10.

Do share the solutions if you find any in the comments section and help the Techworm community.

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  1. Cant uninstall the update no option for it there please help my pc keeps crashing whenever i try to run a game even the light ones

  2. When I install the update and reboot, my premium-version of Microsoft Jigsaw reverts to free version, with all ads and reduced features. It offers to let me pay for a premium version upgrade – again! When I tried that for a one-month premium version (my premium version licence is actually for a year, doesn’t expire until November), it took my one-month money all right – but generated an error 0xc03f300d – and it still only plays as free version. Uninstalling the KB fixes the problem.

  3. uninstalled update and now i don’t get bsod on shut down. Tried everything I could think of to fix it and only uninstalling the update corrected it.

  4. Shailendra – to uninstall, go into a cmd or PowerShell shell as administrator and run this:

    wusa /uninstall /KB:4550945 /forcerestart

    That will uninstall it and restart.

  5. Hello,
    My HP Envy (purchased 10/2014) came with Excel and Word originally installed. (2013 version?). Now they are gone. The same with my sound. I was able to go to HP and correct the sound, but HP can’t help with retrieving Excel/Word. Did the updates delete these so that I have to purchase Office 365?

  6. folks this is the new Microsoft Id advise don’t update anything the techs working on this and the executives who order the updates don’t care about their customers just reformat and go to umbato lol

  7. The problem i have is that my pc doesnt start up anymore after this update. I get the blue screen of death. I can launch in safe mode and uninstall but it requires a restart at which point i get the blue screen of death so it is never uninstalled. When relaunching via safe mode i see that the the update has been unsuccessfully uninstalled and reinstalled again. Any subsequent restarts involve the blue screen of death. Not sure what else i can do aside from reinstalling windows 🙁


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