10 Best Private Torrent Sites In 2024 To Download Torrents With Ease

Public torrenting websites have completely transformed the way we acquire and redistribute content on the Internet.

Despite having enormous content libraries of anime, movies, music, ebooks, TV shows, games, and software many top torrent sites are filled with adware and trojans. Moreover, torrenting search engines and websites are not safe, and every now and then they either get taken down or blocked in certain countries and regions. 

Luckily, that’s not the case with protected and less populated private torrent sites. Private torrenting websites only offer safe to download private torrent files.

Becoming a member of private torrenting sites can be somewhat difficult. However, once you become a part of a private torrent tracker you will have an excellent torrenting experience.

In this article, I have shared a list of some of the best private torrent websites coupled with some information on private torrent.

The websites listed in this post also consist of torrent sites open for registration.

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Best Private Torrent For Torrent Downloading

As you might have understood by now, becoming a member of prominent private torrenting websites is quite difficult. That said, it’s even more difficult to continue to be a member. If you don’t want to get kicked out of a website stay active and maintain a healthy upload and download ratio.

Private Torrenting Websites
IPTorrents https://www.iptorrents.com/login.php
AudioNews https://audionews.org/
Torrentbits https://torrentbits.ro/login
Redacted https://redacted.ch/
PassThePopcorn https://passthepopcorn.me/
Bibliotik https://bibliotik.me/
GrabThe https://www.grabthe.info/login.php
GazelleGames https://gazellegames.net/login.php
BroadcastTheNet https://broadcasthe.net/
AnimeBytes https://animebytes.tv/

In order to join any of the aforementioned websites, simply copy-paste the URL. In the next section of the article, I have shared detailed information on these websites.

1. IPTorrents

With over 700,000 torrents, IPTorrents is one of the most prominent invites only torrent sites. Due to the massive content library, the private torrent tracker is often referred to as Private The Pirate Bay. Unlike public & free torrenting sites, you have to remain active in IPTorrents.


Additionally, in order to be an active member, you have to maintain a good download and upload ratio.

In comparison to the other websites mentioned in the list, it’s fairly easy to be a part of IPTorrents.

Join IPTorrents

2. AudioNews

This private torrent site will be liked by music lovers. It is considered as a torrent tracker for music producers rather than listeners. Here you will find every resource needed for music.

Audionews - Private Torrent site

AudioNews has been around for a decade and is a hit among audiophiles and music professionals. You get music apps, editors, effects, and tutorials for all levels of expertise.

The ratio is difficult to maintain for many users since there is no bonus system. A total of 10 new torrents are added each day to the tracker. If your ratio is lower than 0.8, the account will be converted into a limited one.

You can bypass all the restrictions by donating to the private torrent tracker. It will get you to upload traffic, VIP membership, and unlimited downloads, along with a few other rotating privileges.

Join AudioNews

3. Torrentbits

Torrentbits is an ideal private torrenting tracker for anyone who heavily relies on torrents for downloading anime, movies, television shows, and music. The content-centric platform allows users to apply for an account by filling out a simple form.


If selected, you will receive a username accompanied with a password for accessing Torrentbits. Presently, Torrentbits is available in English and Romanian languages. Lastly, Torrentbits is 100% malware-free.

Join Torrentbits

4. Redacted

Famous among the music torrent community, Redacted is another feature-packed private torrent websites. On this website, you can find and download high-quality individual songs, albums, live recordings, and full discographies.Redacted.ch-private-torrenting

Earlier, Redacted was known by the name PassTheHeadphones. As far as content library and user base is concerned, Redacted has over 1,00,000 private torrents and around 27,000 active users.

You can effortlessly join the private torrent website but to be a part of the community it’s important to maintain a good download and uploads ratio.

Join Redacted

5. PassThePopcorn

Similar to Torrentbits, PassThePopcorn is an ideal private torrents websites for downloading entertainment-focused content. Movies on PassThePopcorn are available in HD quality and you can find both old and new titles on this platform.


Similar to other private torrenting sites, you have to register in order to use this website. Lastly, pass the popcorn invites are available with ease.

Join PassThePopcorn

6. Bibliotik

Started in 2009, Bibliotik is a prominent e-book private torrenting tracker that simply gets the job done. With an outrageous content library of over 300,000 torrents and a user base of around 7,000 or so, Biblitok even outperforms many public torrent websites.


The categories and order by search filters on Bibliotik come in handy while searching for any particular ebook. Apart from ebooks, the private torrents tracker can be used for downloading audiobooks, comics, journals, and magazines.

Join Bibliotik

7. GrabThe

It’s impossible to create a list of the best private torrent trackers that actually work without including GrabThe. Dedicated to movies and series lovers, the website allows members to either seed or download high-quality content without paying a penny.


Based on your preference, you can either signup or use an invite to become a member of the GrabThe community.

Join GrabThe

8. GazelleGames

It’s time for gamers to get excited, as GazelleGames is a private torrent site dedicated to gamers. Presently, GazelleGames has over 15,000 members. Similar to other torrenting sites that are private, you have to register in order to use this website.


GazelleGames hosts both classic games and modern AAA titles. The game library of GazelleGames is updated on a regular basis.

Join GazelleGames

9. BroadcastTheNet

BroadcastTheNet is one of the largest private torrent websites as it has more than 34,000 members. Do note that, joining BroadcastTheNet is quite difficult but once you are in you will be greeted with high-quality movies.


BroadcastTheNet hosts both modern and classical content. Thankfully, the website doesn’t upload or download ratio.

Download BroadcastTheNet

10. AnimeBytes

Last on the list of top private torrent sites we have AnimeBytes. Dedicated to anime and manga lovers, the famous anime private torrents tracker has around 1,41,000+ torrents from different genres.


Using the private tracker you can even access Japanese exclusive content which is fairly difficult to find on public torrenting websites. The private torrenting site has a massive user base of around 16,000 users.

Download AnimeBytes

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How To Join A Private Torrenting Site?

The three primary reasons why anyone would prefer downloading torrent files from a private torrent tracker are online safety, download speed, and content availability. In order to access content on private trackers, it’s important to go through the registration process.

A majority of private trackers have either the signup button or a link to joining form. If you are lucky you can get access to the website using these two options.

Several websites also conduct open registration days, during these days anyone can register and start downloading torrents. These days can last for some hours or a few days. To keep a track of registration days and other important announcements you may join the r/trackers subreddit.

The last best method of joining a private torrenting website is via invites. If an existing member grants you access you will be able to join the website. You may join the subreddit r/Invites to offer and request invites for private web services.


So these were some of the best torrenting sites that are private. Do share any of your personal recommendations in the comments section below. For our readers, we will continue to update this article as more and more websites start emerging.

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