What Kind of Games do People Prefer Nowadays?

Having studied several studies on gameplay and gamers, the findings are kind of surprising. For instance, it was seen that the opinions that males and females share about how women are presented in video games are the same. While we have a tangible number of people that still think that it is a waste of time to play video games. Just because most of what we see in the media about video games are either written by gamers or by gaming detractors, this makes most reviews polarized. Just as a majority of casino game players like to enjoy the no deposit free slots, there still are some that prefer outrightly playing with real money. Let’s look at the top findings of the kind of games people prefer nowadays.

The top bestselling games that people enjoy playing of late

The Walking Dead:

This game tops a lot of lists from the game of the year to the top bestselling games. It has about five episode of the season with special 400 days episode that is presently accessible on the disc. The world has never experienced a bigger zombie franchise like this one. Just for one season for the game, they already claimed 90 Game of the Year awards all over the world. You will find deeply emotional characters and real life tales telling extraordinary stories in this zombie game. No wonder it tops the list of the favorite games for a lot of people.

The Walking Dead:

Call of Duty: Black Ops III:

This masterpiece brought a new black ops era to PlayStation 4. Get ready to get familiar with an innovative black ops generation of a soldier in the dark with indistinct lines between humankind and the revolutionary military robotics scheme that portrays the battle of the future. The game allows players to navigate slickly through the environment with the multiplayer feature. Be prepared to combat against the undead in an extreme story of honor in its own distinction.

Batman: Arkham Knight:

This particular release has a limited pack of Scarecrow Nightmare, which is meant for PlayStation 4. It portrays the hellish nightmare that trapped Gotham City has turned into. And as usual, Batman has sworn to protect the city, which means he is in to face the ultimate threat.

Hitman: The Complete First Season:

This release was made throughout 2016 as a series that contains several episodes. It is now possible to get all the episodes in one package. If stealth gameplay is your thing, then you would love this one.


This PlayStation 4 based game portrays a frightening new world expedition to a gothic city that is filled with horror. It now encompasses a new tactical action battle, armed with unique ammunition such as saw and gun cleavers. The new millennia RPG combat alongside astoundingly gothic backgrounds, atmospheric illumination, and sophisticated new online occurrences are not what you would like to miss.


The list of such games is very long, but we are limiting this post to just these five. While about 60 percent of adults believe that only men play video games, research has it that gender doesn’t play any role in how people play games. We have about 50 percent of all men and 48 percent of all women playing video games and this doesn’t leave out the casino games no deposit. It would be normal if you are reading this post and do not consider yourself a gamer; research has it that there is a 49 percent of adults playing games and just about 10 percent of them actually admit they are gamers.


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