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High CPU Usage

How To Fix High CPU Usage and RAM Leakage in Windows 10 PC

How To Fix High RAM Leakage and High CPU Use of Windows 10 Run PC/Laptops caused due NTOSKRNL Process If you are using a Windows...
windows 10 upgrade

How To Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free With A Simple Hack

Microsoft pulled the plug on its free upgrade offer to Windows 10 on July 29, 2016, following a year-long promotional campaign. As of July 30,...
Wi-Fi password

How to Know Wi-Fi password using CMD (netsh wlan show networks)

In this day and age of the Internet, the Wi-Fi router and data connection have become a fundamental amenity for every user. One of the...
Slow Motion Video app

How to record a slow motion video with Android smartphone or tablet

Now that all Android smartphones and tablets carry a camera of different megapixels and features, we can easily capture beautiful moments of our life...
Create A Windows 10 Installation Disk Or A Bootable USB

How To Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB or a Installation Disk

If You are looking for A fresh Installation Of Windows 10. In This Article, We have Provided Step By Step GuideĀ on How To Create...
learn linux

Top 5 Websites To Learn Linux Online

Linux is an Open Source Operating System, and you can perform lots of tasks using this excellent Operating System. It is just like Windows and...
remove virus

How to remove virus using command prompt [ No Antivirus Needed]

Viruses, malware, trojans, worms! These evil things can penetrate your computer through numerous ways like internet browsing, from USB devices, phishing links in your...
password on pendrive

How To Password Protect Your USB Pendrive (6 Methods)

Nowadays USB pendrives have become the best source to store information. With the arrival of OTG adapters, you can use your single pendrive on...
How to crack a password protected zip file using Kali Linux

How to crack a password protected zip file using Kali Linux

Cracking A Password Protected Zip File Using Kali Linux Hacking Tools We often use zipped files to store large files due to its small size...
How to Repair/Fix a Corrupt SD Card

How to Repair or Fix a Corrupted micro SD Card

Here is how to repair and/or fix a corrupt SD Card How to Preserve your important and precious data from being corrupted and recover from...