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snorkeling mask Ventilator

Snorkeling Masks Modified Into Ventilators To Combat Coronavirus

With the rise of coronavirus pandemic patients, the lack of medical equipment is one of the greatest issues being faced globally. The medical world is...

Coronavirus Pushes [email protected]’s Operations To Exaflop Levels

[email protected], a distributed computing project, on Thursday announced that it has “crossed the exaFLOP barrier,” which is equal to ten times the computing power...
winui website

Microsoft launches the new modern native WinUI website

Microsoft recently launched a new website for the Windows UI Library (WinUI) to help develop apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10X. Spotted first by Twitter user...
Raspberry Pi Imager

Raspberry Pi Imager Makes It Easier To Install Raspbian

The Raspberry Pi Foundation yesterday released the Raspberry Pi Imager, a new tool for writing ISO images to SD cards for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu. This...
6000 Chrome Tabs On Mac Pro

YouTuber Opened 6000 Chrome Tabs On The Mac Pro

In 2019, Apple unveiled the long-awaited Mac Pro 2019. The highest-end variant of this professional desktop computer costs around $53,399.00 and it comes with...
Windows 10X on MacBook

Developer Gets Windows 10X Running On A MacBook

Microsoft recently released the Windows 10X emulator for collapsible devices and multi-posture dual-screen PCs such as Surface Neo and Surface Duo.  While Windows 10X -...
Kali Linux 2020.1 Released

Kali Linux 2020.1 Released, Download Now!!!

Offensive Security recently announced its first release of 2020, Kali Linux 2020.1 for penetration tests and forensic analysis. This Kali release brings several new improvements,...
Linux running Business card

This Business Card Runs Linux And Costs Less Than $3

An embedded system engineer in the United States has created his own business card that can run Linux. For those unaware, a business card typically bearing...
windows 10 iot core on calculator

Hacker Installs Windows 10 IoT Core On A Graphing Calculator

After installing the ARM version of Windows 10 on Nintendo Switch, developer Ben has now managed to install Windows 10 on a calculator (via...
Security Researcher Develops Lightning Cable That Can Remotely Steal Your Data

These iPhone Lightning Cable Can Hijack Your Computer

Legit-looking modified lightning cables can be used to access Apple devices remotely A security researcher has created a modified Apple Lightning cables that could potentially...